Ghost voters. Is it the fault of ″negligence″ and attachment to the land of emigrants?

What is the consequence of ghost voters? “They falsify abstention”, generate “erroneous conclusions”, can “change the number of deputies” per constituency. It is an old problem that has dragged on in time and that had “especially high values ​​in the mid-1990s”. At that time, “the number of registered voters exceeded the voting age population by … Read more

High and prolonged levels of stress generate intense psychological distress

The high and prolonged levels of stress to which people were subjected, either by the pandemic or the associated economic crisis, led to the development of intense psychological suffering, psychiatrist Maria João Heitor told Lusa. “In addition, there are neuropsychiatric changes in infected people or who have been infected resulting from the direct effect of … Read more

International regulators against repeated booster shots at short intervals

International regulators, including the European Medicines Agency (EMA), spoke out this Friday against the administration of repeated booster doses of Covid-19 vaccines at short intervals, calling for a “long-term sustainable approach” to tackle the disease. the pandemic. “In reviewing possible vaccination approaches against Ómicron and other virus variants, meeting participants agreed that administering multiple booster … Read more

PJ called to investigate deaths in the jail of Danijoy and Maria Malveiro

The Judiciary Police (PJ) was called to investigate the deaths of Danijoy Pontes, last September in the Lisbon Prison (EPL), and of Maria Malveiro, in December, in the Tires prison. The decision of the Public Ministry (MP) to ask the PJ to intervene came on November 29, about two months after Danijoy’s death, on September … Read more

The oldest man in the world has died. I was about to turn 113

The oldest man in the world since September 2021, Saturnino de la Fuente, died Tuesday at his residence in the Spanish province of Leon, less than a month from turning 113, family sources told EFE. Saturnino de la Fuente would complete another birthday on February 12. According to his son-in-law, Bernardo Marcos, De la Fuente … Read more

″It is the most important work of all″

The Monastery of Seiça, in Figueira da Foz, will finally be restored. The monument (now classified) had been abandoned for decades, but last summer the requalification work was awarded to Teixeira Duarte – a contract worth 2.7 million euros. However, Santana Lopes won the elections. And it was up to him to sign the consignment … Read more

It is very important to ″free the children″ and ″leave them alone in schools″, defends child psychiatrist

The director of the Pedopsychiatry Specialty at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Central (CHULC) said, in an interview with the Lusa agency, that he had no doubts that the environment of fear that was experienced triggered reactive anxiety and depression. “People living in constant stress, I don’t say it’s the cause, but it certainly contributes … Read more

Six new car parks in Lisbon by 2025

The Lisbon Municipal Mobility and Parking Company (EMEL) announced on Friday six new car parks by 2025, with more than 3,200 spaces, which represents 57% of the €58 million investment planned for 2022-2025. “For 2022 we foresee the construction of the Lumiar Market Park, for 2024 the Pátio das Sedas, which is a park located … Read more

Ambassador prevented from visiting Portuguese community in Venezuelan region. ″Unfortunate″, says Santos Silva

The Foreign Minister considered it “regrettable” and “worrying” that the Portuguese ambassador to Venezuela, Carlos de Sousa Amaro, was prevented from visiting the Portuguese community of Guárico (206 kilometers southwest of Caracas). “It is a worrying incident, because the convention that regulates diplomatic relations is clear: Any member of the diplomatic mission accredited in a … Read more

Increase in infected may extend vaccination process until summer

When the vaccination process started a year ago, precisely on December 26, 2020, the great difficulty faced by the task force to implement the designed plan was the shortage of vaccines and when would they arrive in our country to be to be able to vaccinate the almost 3 million people who were part of … Read more