Virology laboratory breaks records at the age of 50, with more than 200,000 analyzes per year

Anyone who enters the Instituto Português de Oncologia in Lisbon, at Praça de Espanha, does not say that the ground floor building, just to the right, which has housed the Virology Laboratory for 50 years, will be half a century old next year, as many as the entire unit, but and truth. The pavilion is … Read more

Favorable winds in Spain for home loans

The Spanish government announced a package of measures negotiated with bank associations to ease the payment of home loans by households particularly affected by the rise in interest rates. Spain wants to go further than Portugal did. The agreement with the bank, approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers, applies to a universe of more … Read more

Ukraine detains ‘traitor’ who freed Kherson prisoners

Ukrainian investigators said on Tuesday that a prison guard in the recently liberated city of Kherson is suspected of committing treason for releasing prisoners before the Russian army’s withdrawal. On November 11, the Russian army withdrew its forces from the southern city of Kherson, in a major setback in one of the regions that President … Read more

Maritime surveillance. Protocol signed in secret sealed peace between Navy and GNR

Despite being considered “essential” for the secretary general of the Homeland Security System (SSI)the signature of this historic agreement there was no public ceremony, nor announcements. It is about a protocol which represents a kind of white flag, between the Navy and the GNR regarding operational articulation and information sharing in maritime surveillance. It was … Read more

Nitrous oxide. The laughing gas that alarms health authorities

Laughter, laughter and a feeling of relaxation. These are the consequences of inhaling nitrous oxide, a substance that with this description even seems to be a “great company” for parties. Problem: it is considered a psychoactive substance and has been banned in Portugal since September. They call it “laughing gas” and it is increasingly popular, … Read more

Directors against the proposal of a new teacher hiring model

The Minister of Education has met in recent weeks with the teachers’ unions that have demonstrated against the proposal for a new model for hiring teachers. At issue is the “transformation” of national tenders into municipal lists. The choice of teachers, as proposed by the Ministry of Education (ME), will be decided by local boards … Read more

Tender for the Navy’s new ″multipurpose″ vessel has a qualified candidate

The international public tender to choose who will build the new “star” of the Navy: a multipurpose/multipurpose vesselthe name given to a pioneer naval platform com ability to design multiple capabilitiesessentially robotics and unmanned systems (air, land and submarine drones). “It is a very ambitious project, one of the most structuring and challenging of the … Read more

″We are Jews living among Muslims, but above all we are all Tunisians″

I recognize this corner of Hara Kbira, the Jewish quarter of Oumt Souk, because of the Brik Ishak restaurant, although my visit, the day before, was early evening and for dinner one of the famous Tunisian savory crepes. Now, very early in the morning, not a single sign on the streets of children playing with … Read more

President-elect of Brazil calls on Brazilian immigrants in Portugal to return

The president-elect of Brazil, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, appealed this Saturday to Brazilian immigrants in Portugal to return to the country, which “soon, soon” will be able to welcome them “with open arms”. “Sometimes I feel sad when I see Brazilian men and women living in other countries because they cannot find opportunities to … Read more