Doda got a diploma and a medal. For what did the controversial university reward her?

– Thank you for the great distinction. Although I look great, this year I am celebrating the 20th anniversary of my career – said Doda in her style and wished the graduates success. – I remember every day, every minute, obstacles thrown at my feet, challenges and problems that I overcame at the age of … Read more

Doda provokes. A hunter greeted her, she replied dryly

Sunny day Dorota Rabczewska used for a trip to the Kampinos National Park. There, as she wrote on Instagram, she actively spent her time. It is not known if you are running or following a different exercise plan. Photos posted on social media only testify to the fact that there was a short photo session … Read more

Doda showed a mess in the apartment. Fan: The chair of shame is everyone’s responsibility

Doda – one of the most famous stars of Polish show business. A singer who performs music bordering on pop and rock, a songwriter, producer, actress, as well as a media personality who often appears in the pages of gossip tabloids. The star eagerly uses social media. She regularly shares her experiences and thoughts with … Read more

Doda in Hejt Park. She defeated Stanowski without fighting

Doda was everything. The Cane of the “Bar”, the Jaga, and even the Illuminati. She was also cheated on and deceived wife, abandoned fiancée, the media chewed her bones, sucking out the bone marrow for years, which she said in Hejt Park not without nerves. But he can also put in his showcase “Our successes” … Read more

Vijay Yesudas-Jonita Doda movie; Salmon’s first song has been released in seven languages

The first song of the 3D movie Salmon starring Vijay Yesudas and Jonita Doda has been released. The first song of the film, which will be released in seven languages ​​across the country, has been released in seven languages. The song was released in 2D format. For the first time in the history of Indian … Read more

Doda doesn’t look like that anymore. Fans: “Like Rihanna!” – o2

International Women’s Day is celebrated quite boisterously in many countries. Men double and try to make their women, mothers and sisters feel special then. Florists are crowded, and chocolate boxes are disappearing from store shelves at a dizzying pace. Doda decided to spend this day with her friend. Everything was documented and went out into … Read more

Doda changed her hairstyle. She gave up blonde and chose a fiery color. Fans: You look like Rihanna

You can read more up-to-date information on the website. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a friend Doda posted on Instagram common a photo with the artist, where we can see her in a different edition. This time, the star decided on a new haircut. Once upon a time they did not know … Read more

Doda liked to sea. The singer praised photos in a bikini in the snow. It’s cold just looking

More fun facts about the TV series can be found on the home page Stars in the era COVID-19 they are looking for different solutions to strengthen immunity. Some of them place their hopes on comprehensive supplementation, e.g. with zinc and various types of supplements. Others, such as Joanna Moro, Beata Sadowska if Sonia … Read more

Doda revealed what she thought about Verses. Strong words were spoken. “They can lynch me”

You can read more information from the world of show business on the website. She will add is definitely one of the most colorful personalities of Polish show business. The artist has accustomed her fans to rarely biting her tongue and saying what she thinks directly, without fear of making enemies. On the occasion … Read more

Doda showed how she is sailing! She presented scary scenes online!

It cannot be denied that the winter period is an extremely fertile time for celebrities. First, they share with their observers photos of the preparations for Christmas, then show how their Christmas Eve was, then they sum up their year during New Year’s Eve and in the meantime … they take icy baths.They have already … Read more