Jerk! Donald Trump Suddenly World War 3 Warning, Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Former President of the United States (US) Donald Trump is back on Twitter. This time he alluded to World War III (PD3). He said he would build an “impenetrable dome” over US soil if he was re-elected as president. Defense turrets were built in preparation for the havoc of WW3. “If … Read more

“Someone Else” is not on the tickets. The angriest Donald Trump is running for office again

Former US President Donald Trump has launched his campaign for re-election to the White House. Three months after announcing his candidacy, he held his first pre-election meetings. Trump drew criticism for his slow start to the campaign. “Everybody said, ‘He doesn’t do rallies, maybe he’s lost his juice.’ I’m angrier now and I’m more determined … Read more

‘Angry’ Donald Trump kicks off presidential campaign | Abroad

Trump informed his audience that he was angrier than during previous campaigns, but also more determined. He reiterated his earlier claims that the 2020 election results had been tampered with when he lost to Joe Biden, telling his audience that the 2024 election is “our only chance to save this country.” This time, the former … Read more

Donald Trump: if I were the president, the war would be over in 24 hours!

“If I were the president, the Russian-Ukrainian war would not have happened in the first place. But if I suddenly became president now, I would quickly negotiate the end of this rapidly escalating war, within 24 hours. Tragic loss of life,” he wrote on his page. the former president with caps lock. Earlier, Donald Trump … Read more

Donald Trump, USA | Here is the woman behind the deadly letter to Trump

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): 55-year-old Pascale Ferrier pleaded guilty on Wednesday to having attempted to take the life of Donald Trump when he was president. She now risks 21 years in prison for having sent a marriage letter to Trump in the White House, reports Canadian National Post. The: New Trump photo causes many to widen … Read more

Crac inside: Donald Trump’s company sentenced to “maximum fines” for tax evasion

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, was fined up to $1.6 million in New York on Friday for financial and tax fraud, the Manhattan prosecutor said in a statement. . The group of the American billionaire, candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party for the presidential election of 2024, was … Read more

The prosecution of Donald Trump for responsibility for the death of an officer at fault in the Capitol riot

Nadine Youssef BBC News January 7, 2023 image copyright The Washington Post via Getty Images photo comment, About 950 people have been arrested in connection with the January 6, 2021 riot, but the FBI is still searching for another 300 people who are believed to have committed acts of violence that day. The partner of … Read more

Despite the scandals, Donald and Melania Trump give a lavish New Year’s reception

He may be caught up in scandals and threatened by justice, Donald Trump remains convinced that he will be able to become President of the United States again in 2024. To put the odds on his side, he gathered around him, this December 31 2022, many political supporters, members of his close circle, for his … Read more

Donald Trump: – – Wanted to fire him

Former US President Donald Trump is said to have been unhappy with Timothy Harleth, the head of the White House household, after Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. It comes out in Stephanie Grisham’s interview with the 6 January committee. Grisham was press secretary and communications director in the White House and then chief … Read more