Donald Trump’s legal troubles are piling up

1. Business malpractice New York State Attorney Letitia James spent three years building her case against the Trump Organization over massive corporate malpractices. The company, Trump himself, and three of his children are said to have deliberately overestimated their assets by billions of dollars with banks and insurers in order to get lower interest rates. … Read more

Donald Trump, Ukraina | Trump:

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): On Wednesday morning, Vladimir Putin stated that he is willing to use all available means to defend Russian territories while accusing the West of wanting to “weaken, divide and ultimately destroy our country”. – When our country’s territorial integrity is threatened, we will clearly use all means at our disposal to protect … Read more

Donald Trump and his children are accused of fraud / Article

New York State’s attorney general alleges that Trump and his three children were involved in an extensive fraud that spanned more than a decade and that the former president used to enrich himself. The prosecutor’s office wants to collect $250 million in fines from the ex-president, as well as ban his family from doing business … Read more

Donald Trump, USA | Cheers for Jens Stoltenberg: This is what he says about the secret Trump documents

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): A recent survey published in Politico is very good news for NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, and shows that NATO now has a historically high level of support among the Americans. As many as four out of five of those questioned now believe that the US should either maintain or increase its commitments … Read more

Not all Republicans are excited about Donald Trump’s public meetings – VG

TRUMP: Already in January, Donald Trump held his first public meeting of the year. Photo: Thomas Nilsson / VG There has been a storm around Donald Trump even after he lost the election in 2020. Now he is starting his well-known public meetings in several states before the by-elections. Published: Updated yesterday 09:06 Former US … Read more

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton | Hillary Clinton revealed what everyone is wondering, and made a strong criticism of Trump

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): In an interview on CBS Evening News this week, Hillary Clinton answers the question everyone is wondering, while launching a frontal attack on Donald Trump and the Republicans. See excerpts from the interview here: – Stand up to Trump! – No, no. This is how Hillary Clinton answers questions about whether it … Read more

Donald Trump, USA | – This is exactly why Trump will probably run again

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): CNN editor Chris Cillizza has stuck to several statements made by the powerful Republican and Senator Lindsey Graham in an interview with CNBC. THE: Trump furious after new information: Demands to be reinstated – Trump has a good history Cillizza writes that Graham has many very good points and writes that “This … Read more

Among the confidential documents found in Donald Trump’s mansion there was also one on the military defenses and nuclear weapons of a foreign country, writes the Washington Post.

Among the classified government documents found in the mansion of former US President Donald Trump in Florida, there was also one related to the military defenses and nuclear weapons of a foreign country: the they said some anonymous sources aware of the facts al Washington Postwithout specifying which foreign country is in question. The document … Read more