Melania Trump and Donald Trump are breaking up, however ?!

When Doland Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, moved out of the White House in January, rumors about their separation were buzzing online. Now that the emotions have subsided a bit, the topic has returned. All thanks to the photos of Melania. Picture Donald and Melania Trump on duty /AP/Associated Press/ /East News Melania Trump … Read more

Donald Trump – Reveals new details about “bad notes”

Back in 2019, Donald Trump’s (74) press chief, Stephanie Grisham (44), claimed that the Obama administration left bad notes for Trump’s political team. – Waiting for divorce Among other things, one of them is said to have been found taped to the inside of a cupboard door. The notes were found after Obama moved out … Read more

Donald Trump suffers, sinks in the Forbes millionaire ranking

Donald Trump had a difficult end in his era as president of the United States And now that he returns to the business world, he finds the news that he has a negative balance, since when he arrived at the White House in 2017, His fortune was $ 3,500 million and today, a few months … Read more

Usa, a photo on Twitter reveals the new study of Donald Trump | But it is the bottle of Coca Cola that gets discussed

On the sides of the window stand two photos, one of Air Force One in flight and another of the faces of American presidents carved into the rock of the Mount Rushmore. The latter, rumors spread during the presidency, that Trump was aiming to change: he would have liked to put his face on it … Read more

Donald Trump drops almost 300 positions in the most millionaire people

Everything indicates that being president of the United States for four years was not the best economic decision for Donald Trump on a personal level, after it was revealed that fell almost 300 places in the ranking of the richest men from the world of the magazine Forbes. That renowned Republican magnate, who once had … Read more

Donald Trump: – Langer ut:

A comprehensive review in New York Times showed on Sunday that Donald Trump’s election campaign used pre-marked fields and indistinct designs in emails to his followers to raise money. Several of those who chose to donate money to the campaign therefore did not realize that they said yes to repeated donations. In that way, Trump … Read more

Donald Trump calls for a boycott of Coca-Cola and other companies. “We can play it better than they can”

Watch the video Trump wishes successes to the new administration. “I will watch and listen. We will come back somehow” [ENG] Ex-president USA Donald Trump issued a statement on Saturday (April 3) calling on his supporters to boycott companies he believes are working to “awaken a culture of cancellation.” The statement relates to the Georgia … Read more

Donald Trump – Fundraising: – Felt like a scam

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): A comprehensive review in New York Times shows that Trump’s election campaign used pre-marked fields and indistinct designs in emails to his supporters to raise money. In that way, he is said to have squeezed millions of dollars out of ignorant supporters and thus secured enough money to be able to compete … Read more