Vondroušová will show you the door, predicts Sabalenko. She has already made 70 double bugs

At the beginning of the year, Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenková is struggling with how to get the ball into play when she passes. She made a total of 70 double faults during the four games of the season. And now the world number two is facing a challenge in the third round of the … Read more

Six months in prison for man who threatened Kaag with a torch at the front door

At the beginning of January, Max van den B. (29) stood with a burning torch in front of Minister Kaag’s house. He rang the bell, screaming threatening texts and chanting conspiracy slogans.Image ANP The convicts are also no longer allowed to contact members of the cabinet and RIVM director Jaap van Dissel. The sentence of … Read more

Antwerp women testify about intimidation on the street: “Sometimes in the evening I am chased to my front door” (Antwerp)

Antwerp-North. — © Victoriano Moreno Antwerp – Deodorant, keys, even sugar cubes… These are little things women carry around to defend themselves should the need arise. Although the number of reports of street harassment in Antwerp has fallen in recent years, the problem remains serious in Antwerp-North. Several women testify about catcalling, being yelled at … Read more

No agreement to meet again, but NATO keeps the door open for further dialogue

BRUSSELS (Aftenposten): Expectations were sky high. The drop is enormous. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg admitted that the meetings were just as demanding as feared. Jens Stoltenberg received Alexander Grushko, one of Russia’s Deputy Foreign Ministers, at the important meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on Wednesday morning. Photo: Olivier Hoslet, Ap / NTB 12. jan. 2022 … Read more

Omicron Becomes 318 Cases, Indonesia Closes the Door for Foreigners from These 14 Countries

Jakarta – Cases of the Omicron variant continue to rise. The latest data reports that the number of COVID-19 cases globally has touched 300 million cases as of January 7, 2022. Now more than 110 countries have confirmed Omicron’s findings in their regions. The trend of a surge in Omicron COVID-19 cases has made the … Read more

Big hikes in fuel are at the door!

While oil prices continued their upward trend in the world, OPEC+’s decision to increase production and the events in Kazakhstan and Libya accelerated the upward trend. It is expected that oil prices, which have increased under the influence of consecutive events and statements in the world, will reflect an increase in fuel prices in Turkey. … Read more

Antonio Conte: Tottenham Hotspur’s door is always open to Christian Eriksen

Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte said “the door is always open” for Christian Eriksen to return after his contract at Inter Milan was terminated for medical reasons. Eriksen suffered a heart attack while playing for Denmark at Euro 2020 and was later fitted with a special device on his heart. This was banned in Italian … Read more

Finding Radio-Canada too far to the left, an employee slams the door

In an open letter, an English-speaking journalist who had worked for Radio-Canada for more than a decade said the media was excessively concerned with leftist issues and she resigned. • Read also: Welcome to Radiwokanada “I used to be the most to the left in any newsroom, now I’m easily the most conservative,” Tara Henley … Read more

Michel Houellebecq opens a door to the light

“To annihilate”, without capital letter, does not modify the universe of the French writer: decadence, weakness, death, nihilism are always present. But it contains a glimmer of hope, minimal but real. Article reserved for subscribers TAll the philosophers seemed to agree on the fact that one should accept the human condition “with its limitations and … Read more

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian | Kanye West bought the house next door to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian takes over the house she and Kanye West shared through their marriage, now the latter bought the house next door. Earlier this year, it became known that the seven-year marriage between reality star Kim Kardashian (41) and rapper Kanye West (44) was at an end, and in February Kardashian officially filed for divorce. … Read more