A hearing meeting will be held on the tariff draft of the “Latvijas pasta” universal postal service

On Friday, August 19, at 10 a.m., a hearing meeting will be held on the draft tariffs for the universal postal service (UPP) submitted by VAS “Latvijas pasts”, informed the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PUC). Content will continue after the ad Advertising At the meeting, the authorized representative of “Latvijas pasta” will present the nature … Read more

Among the candidates for the Polish national team is the 9th pick of this year’s NBA draft

The head coach of the Polish national team, Igor Miličičius, announced the list of candidates who claim to defend the team’s honor in the World Cup selection and the European Championship. Adams Wačynskis, who did not receive an invitation this year, is also suspended from the team. AJSlaughter will continue to take the place of … Read more

WC hockey U20 | It’s final now! The Junior WC will be without Slovakian stars

The Slovaks, with a bad year, could clearly be the dark horse of the tournament. An attack on a medal after seven years would certainly be realistic, when our eastern neighbors in Montreal took bronze. And Montreal did not release Slafkovski for the championship. And he didn’t even recommend Mešár to participate. “They want me … Read more

Dad celebrated my draft properly, he couldn’t even take me to the airport, laughs Špaček junior

As a back for Sherbrooke, you collected almost a point per game. Did going to the Canadian junior competition help you for the post-draft? Certainly. I had a good season at Sherbrooke, so I was hoping someone would pick me. I would of course like a higher position, but I’ll take the fifth round. Minnesota … Read more

NHL | Will he get a place in the main team? The Slovakian draft pick impresses at the training camp

For Slovak hockey, the past NHL draft was a historic success. The talented 18-year-old forward Juraj Slafkovský was chosen as the number one pick by Montreal. He reached after Filip Mešár from 26th place. From the second place, the New Jersey Devils chose defender Šimon Nemec. The Canadiens are already taking a look at their … Read more

Bedard’s hottest name ahead of the NHL draft in 2023

Juraj Slafkovsky was selected as number 1 when the NHL draft 2022 was held at the Bell Center in Montreal. In a year, it’s time for the next draft and already now it’s time to look at which players may be relevant to be selected in 2023. The biggest name and the one who is … Read more

A Saudi lawyer publishes a draft of the new penal system for illegal sexual relations and harassment

Al-Marsad newspaper: Lawyer Musa Al-Hayjan revealed a draft of the new penal system for illegal sexual relations and harassment. Illegal sexual relations Anyone who has intercourse with a female with her consent shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 years, provided that the sentence imposed does not exceed the legally prescribed … Read more

GLOSSARY: Courage every day. The Slovak dance at the top of the draft is an inspiration

The entry draft of 2022 will be remembered as the Slovak one. Juraj Slafkovský as number one, Šimon Nemec as number two and Filip Mešár as number 26. When these three met backstage at the Bell Center arena in Montreal, they spontaneously embraced and they definitely had a reason for it. For Slovak hockey, it … Read more

DeBrincat traded to Senators by Blackhawks for No. 7 pick in 2022 Draft

DeBrincat was traded by the Blackhawks to the Senators on Thursday in advance of the 2022 Upper Deck NHL Draft at Bell Centre for three draft picks — Ottawa’s first- and second-round picks in the 2022 draft (Nos. 7 and 39) and a third-round pick in the 2024 draft. “The immediate reaction was just shock,” … Read more