Covid in Campania and forecasts for February

“The TAR has granted the suspension with respect to the government’s request, has set the discussion in college for February 22. The world will change for February 22”. Here is the comment from the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca on the sidelines of the meeting of the regional council to elect the … Read more

Other than Quirinale, the good news is that Draghi has taken over the government

The psychoanalytical sessions of the commentators on Mario Draghi’s press conference yesterday turned on a question that does not dissolve: is he on the pitch for the Quirinale or do you want to stay at Palazzo Chigi? In yesterday’s press conference the reporters did not scratch the wall erected by the premier (“I will not … Read more

Luigi Di Maio premier, the track is more than concrete. Draghi al Quirinale, the side effect – Libero Quotidiano

Luigi Di Maio he really believes it. Self Mario Draghi should he be elected to the Quirinale, the minister brillino is among the names in the running for Palazzo Chigi. On the other hand, in recent days the desire to have a politician as Prime Minister has grown more and more, abandoning the hypothesis of … Read more

The spread? Without Draghi it could even go up over 200 points

analysesThree scenarios for 2022 Analysts see the former ECB president as a guarantee for European funds. His removal from the Italian political scene risks having important consequences on the cost of debt by Maximilian Cellino January 2, 2022 Draghi: “For government action I don’t have a predetermined color palette, I use experience” How much is … Read more

“Draghi must decide regardless of the conflicting opinions of the parties”

Covid, Umberto Galimberti on the clash within the majority: “If it is true that we are in an era of emergency, Draghi must decide regardless of the party flags. We let him decide regardless of the conflicting opinions of the parties” .

The Draghi government’s tax reform is a gift to the rich, and it’s the last thing we needed

Taking away from those who have less, to give to those who have more. It seems like a joke, after two years of pandemic, but this is what will happen with the tax reform of the Draghi government. Or, to be more precise still, with the revision of the rates, brackets and deductions of income … Read more

Chip, Intel’s plan for Italy is worth 8 billion. Talks with Draghi, upcoming announcement

Talks intensify between Intel and Italy for the construction of an 8 billion euro “sealing” plant, 10% of the total investment of 80 billion that the chipmaker will put on the plate in Europe over the next ten years. Reuters reports that negotiations have intensified in recent months also with a confrontation between the CEO … Read more

Macron and Draghi called for a reform of budgetary rules and a reduction in the EU’s debt

Presenting the priorities of the forthcoming French presidency of the EU, Macron said the 27 must review their budgetary frameworks and change deficit rules to support post-pandemic investment and economic growth, as the world wants to get out of the covid-19 crisis. “Just as these rules did not limit our response to the pandemic, they … Read more

School in dad after Christmas: it is confrontation. Draghi: “We will not extend the holiday calendar”

Rome, 22 December 2021 – We return to talk about close the school to stop the infections. The proposal comes from the former director of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Sacco Hospital Massimo Galli, which launches the idea of extend the Christmas holidays for the little ones. So no return to the benches on … Read more