League of Spain today: revealed broken dressing room at FC Barcelona due to renewal and salary reduction Spanish League

There are three days left for the classic FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, a duel that, unlike other occasions, finds a couple of teams with small internal crises, originated by very different causes. The visitor’s, Real Madrid, is clearly sporting. But that of the Catalan club has a complex and long-standing background: a dispute between […]

Lethal! Dani Alves broke the silence after the elimination against River: another bomb in the San Pablo dressing room

Despite the fact that the main attraction these days in sports matters will be the beginning of the South American qualifiers Heading to Qatar 2022, there are still some lags from what was the week of Copa Libertadores. And of course, that elimination of San Pablo at the hands of River, nothing more and nothing […]

Serie A: Buffon returns to share a dressing room with a Chiesa 21 years later!

A league He met Enrico in Parma between 1996 and 1999 and now he will do so with his son Federico Much has happened since, on November 19, 1995, Nevio Scala gave the alternative to Gianluigi Buffon (Carrara, 1978) with 17 years and 295 days in Parma. It was 0-0 against Milan. So much time […]

Serie A: Chucky Lozano’s ordeal in Napoli’s dressing room, uncovered a year later

A league La Repubblica tells of the adaptation problems that weighed down on it last season Chucky Lozano, in action with Napoli @sscnapolies HIrving Lozano left PSV Eindhoven in search of a more ambitious project. He decided that Naples would be his new home. His transfer left 50 million euros in the coffers of the […]

The oath in the dressing room of the U after the Superclásico

In University of Chile were left with the feeling that they came close to breaking the seven-year drought without triumphs in the Super classic versus Colo Colo. The local squad improved in the second half, was able to get a draw and had a clear option to score the winning goal although its rival, in […]

Nagelsmann on the squabble with Simeon: “He wants to win even on the way to the dressing room. Awesome coach “- Football

Head coach “RB Leipzig” Julian Nagelsmann after the quarterfinals Leagues champions with Atletico (2: 1) spoke about a skirmish with a colleague from the Madrid club Diego Simeone. “Simeone congratulated me after the match, it was very sincere. He said it was a great game and we won deservedly. During the break, there was a […]

Antibacterial wound dressing made from plant material

So that bacterial infections can be fought directly in the wound, Empa researchers have developed membranes made of cellulose that are equipped with antimicrobial protein components. Cellulose membranes equipped with antimicrobial protein building blocks So that bacterial infections can be fought directly in the wound, Empa researchers have developed membranes made of cellulose that are […]