Tesla’s sharing platform ‘Ox Drive’ plans to increase its fleet to 130 cars

Car’s “Tesla” the sharing platform “OX Drive” plans to expand the number of offered cars from 40 to 130, informed the co-founder of “OX Drive” Egija Gailuma. Content will continue after the ad Advertising She admits that since July, when “OX Drive” was opened, the demand for “Tesla” electric cars exceeds the planned, so the … Read more

Madison (22) had to drive over 300 kilometers for an abortion she didn’t want – VG

DROVE TO GEORGIA: Madison Underwood had to cross state lines and time zones to get an abortion. Here she gets a hug from her mother, Jennifer Underwood, while her boyfriend, Adam Queen, leans against the car in the foreground. Foto: KENDRICK BRINSON / NEW YORK TIMES Madison (22) was ecstatic when she became pregnant. Then … Read more

In this action-packed car game, the tracks are created as you drive them

The developers at Three Fields Entertainment have made a business of further developing concepts they once toyed with when they worked for Burnout creator Criterion Games, but their latest project is something a little different. The game, which goes by the catchy name Wreckreation and was revealed on Friday night, throws you into a massive … Read more

Test drive Haval Dargo – what is hidden behind the cool design?

The basic Comfort package with a front-wheel drive transmission is estimated at 3,199,000 rubles, but it makes no sense, because only 200 thousand more will cost Haval Dargo in the Elite version, where there is much more equipment – dual-zone climate control, a rain sensor, all-round cameras and a multimedia complex with a 12-inch screen. … Read more

SEGA announces 11 more games for Mega Drive Mini 2, with Echo the Dolphin CD, Phantasy Star II and more

The company expands the catalog of the Japanese version, which could vary from what we see in the West. After knowing in the announcement of the Mega Drive Mini 2 that the miniaturization would have a catalog made up of more than 50 games, SEGA has been confirming the titles little by little and in … Read more

More than 12,000 Belgians drive with an expired plastic driver’s license: drivers risk fines, driving ban or imprisonment | Mobility

Since 7 July 2010, anyone who passes the driving test in our country will receive a European driving license, which looks like a plastic bank card. Contrary to the old paper driving licence, this card must be renewed every ten years, just like identity cards. However, when the driver’s license expires, the driver does not … Read more

TV AUTO NEWS TESTS: How does the Nissan Ariya drive and what is e Power? (+VIDEO)

This time, the special correspondent of TV Autozinu and car enthusiast Oskars Krampāns will evaluate the capabilities of the 100% electric crossover Nissan Ariya and test the Nissan e Power system in operation, or the system where the internal combustion engine and the electric motor are present, but they do not work together. Nissan Ariya … Read more

Auto News: How Big a Battery Do You Want? First drive with the new Kia Niro

Kia Niro is not only a 100% electric car, but also a self-charging and charging hybrid similar in appearance and size. How to distinguish them? For an electric car, the charging socket is in the front. “The fact that the electric model is the most important is indicated by the power. The electric machine is … Read more