Kubica today again in the Alfa car – he will drive for 2 days – powrotroberta.pl

Robert Kubica’s extremely honest and emotional interview with the BBC is released. “The problem in F1 is space. Maybe someday when the FIA ​​says the car needs to be 10-15cm wider they will be able to drive, but it’s not like rallying is a fallback. What is important to me is that I see progress. … Read more

British test drive to the best Honda Civic Type R even after generation change Matured ability Part 2 – AUTOCAR JAPAN

There is also an individual mode for individual settings. newHonda・civicInside the Type R, you’ll find comfortable seats that support your body, exposed metal pedals, and the trademark machined aluminum shift knob. The steering wheel draws a beautiful circle and is wrapped in Alcantara. In the center of the dashboard is a touch monitor for infotainment. … Read more

Which cars are most likely to drive over 320,000 km? The American study is dominated by one brand

In the table of 20 cars, Toyota has exactly ten representatives, and even six models in the top ten. And you can buy some in the Czech Republic. With the ever-increasing prices of cars and the expected electrification of the entire industry, which may not be to everyone’s taste, it is not too surprising that … Read more

Feel the power of the Force! Seagate launches new Star Wars design hard drive again |

Seagate today announced the launch ofBrand new Collector’s Edition Hard Disk Drive (HDD), with a design inspired by the heroes and villains of the Star Wars galaxy. The special edition hard drive comes with Seagate’s 3-year limited warranty and 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services (data rescue service), and the three hard drives will be listed … Read more

This is how fast you can drive with snow chains and in these countries they are mandatory | Car

In a number of European countries it is mandatory to have snow chains in the car as standard, even if you are driving on winter tyres. We found out how fast you can drive with snow chains, it is mandatory in every country and what the rules are per country. In some European countries it … Read more

3 special editions of the Spider-Man series appeared, Marvel license certified collaboration Seagate FireCuda external hard drive

Seagate has been continuously collaborating with various IPs and introducing new special edition products. The collaboration special edition, which appeared this time, is a collaboration of three Spider-Man series that obtained an official license from Marvel. The composition consists of the original Spider-Man in a red and blue suit, the Miles Morales Edition in a … Read more

Toshiba S300 (HDWT840) with 4 TB in review: A small surveillance hard drive with SMR

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the first big 22TB hard drives, let’s look at something smaller until they’re available in the market. The 4TB HDWT840 or Toshiba S300 is a new surveillance HDD using SMR as the recording method. Despite – or rather because of – this, it is ideal for recording image streams, even … Read more

“Drive it yourself.” Musk responds to Bill Gates after questioning the self-driving Tesla

“Drive it yourself.” This is what Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, responded to the American businessman and founder of the global technology giant “Microsoft” Bill Gates, when he questioned the effectiveness of Tesla’s self-driving cars. And the current owner of “Twitter” tweeted on his account, directing his speech to Bill Gates: “He … Read more