In Novosibirsk, a car crashed into a residential building :: Society :: RBK

Photo: act54 / VK In Novosibirsk, in the Pashino microdistrict, a car crashed into an apartment building, one person died. About this, as reported TASS, said the traffic police in Novosibirsk. “At night the car crashed into a residential building. As a result of the road accident, the man-passenger died on the spot, the passenger … Read more

Coronavirus. Warsaw: The tram driver stopped the tram. The passenger was supposed to be infected

An unusual situation occurred on Friday evening at Kercelak, when a driver stopped one of the trams and announced that he would not go further because he suspected that one of the passengers was infected with coronavirus. The information about this in an interview with TVN Warszawa was confirmed by the press spokesman of Trams … Read more

Tesla vehicle, with Autopilot engaged, hits police car, car driver admits watching movie

A driver of a Tesla Model S in North Carolina admitted to watching a movie on his phone while using Autopilot before crashing into a police vehicle, another reminder that Tesla’s autopilot technology had trouble driving on its own. . The collision occurred just after midnight, and according to Raleigh’s CBS 17 television report, the … Read more

Better display, improved driver. Nintendo is preparing a new Switch

It is worth mentioning at the outset that Nintendo has not officially revealed anything yet. The representatives of the Japanese gaming giant did not even confirm whether we will actually see a new console in the foreseeable future. However, according to Tweaktown, work is already in full swing. Compared to the currently offered model, the … Read more

You are not lit, the patrol warned the driver in Prague. He started to run and then jumped out of the car

A patrol noticed a dark Volvo in Vysočanská Street last Friday night and warned through the driver’s open window that it was driving in the dark and not lit. He did not learn from their advice and continued without lights. The police therefore decided to stop him. But the man did not stop and accelerated. … Read more

Gotrek Story of a Truck Driver in the film “Tilik”, Often Got Tickets When Transporting Mothers Page all

YOGYAKARTA,– Since being uploaded Monday (17/8/2020) to Wednesday (26/8/2020), the film “Tilik” has been watched by more than 14 million people on channel YouTube Racavana Films. Several central figures such as Bu Tejo to Yu Ning became the lips of the public. But what is no less famous is the truck driver Gotrek who … Read more

Rumor: Apple is short of driver ICs for 120Hz screens for iPhone 12 Pro – Tablets and Phones – News

Apple wouldn’t have been able to get enough driver ICs for the iPhone 12 Pro. The manufacturer had wanted to release the iPhone 12 with 120Hz screens. The manufacturer could have waited, but has decided to release the models with 60Hz panels, says an insider. In addition to the screen, Apple also needs a driver … Read more

Deadly Accident on Cipali Toll Road, Truck Driver Survived After Jumping Avoiding Bus

MAJALENGKA, – Deadly accident on the Cipali toll road Km 150, Majalengka, West Java, Sunday (23/8/2020) left 4 people dead and 11 others injured. The accident involved a bus, elves and a tronton truck. The unfortunate incident began when a bus crashed into a tronton truck parked on the outer left shoulder of the … Read more

Seine-Saint-Denis: a young driver dies when hitting a bus in Aulnay

The deformed, crushed carcass suggests the violence of the shock which cost the life, Friday evening, to a very young woman, in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis). The latter was 23 years old and was behind the wheel of a Mini brand car, launched at high speed on the ex-Nationale 2, near the O’Parinor shopping center. By entering … Read more