New driver for Vulkan 1.3 and for developers

by Nicholas”Naiko“bah for The Abyss of Evil / [email protected] The principal competition to DirectX from Microsoft begins to lose its monopoly little by little, since NVIDIA immediately provides all the functionality of the drivers volcano 1.3 in Windows Y Linux, including popular distributions like Ubuntu, Kylin Y RHEL. The tools NVIDIA Nsight Graphics Y Nsight … Read more

Driver seriously injured in crash

A woman was seriously injured after a collision between her van and a school bus in Saint-Jean-de-Matha, in Lanaudière, on Tuesday morning. The accident occurred around 9:45 a.m., near the intersection of Route 131 and Avenue des Pins. Screenshot TVA NEWS According to preliminary information, the driver of the van was traveling in a southerly … Read more

Driver kidnaps for four hours to withdraw money

Alexander Panda January 25, 2022 at 2:48 pm A 41-year-old man, already with several criminal records, kidnapped a motorist in Trofa for four hours to withdraw money from ATMs. He was detained by the Porto Judiciary Police, in collaboration with the GNR, and is already in preventive detention. The kidnapping took place last Friday. Around … Read more

Police Arrest Driver and Kernet Angkot Who Raped Passenger in Car – The angkot driver and driver who raped the passenger in the angkot car were arrested by the police. It is known that the two perpetrators have the initials IS (22) and GG (24). Meanwhile, the victim has the initials SP (24). They were arrested by the police in two different places, namely in … Read more

Valle d’Aosta, a tourist bus crashes into the stream: the driver is dead, the 3 passengers are saved

A tourist bus fell into the Evancon stream in Val d’Ayas, near the town of Champoluc (Aosta). There were 4 people on board, including the 71-year-old driver, Roberto Arrigoni, who died. To ascertain whether the cause of death is linked to an illness that made him lose control of the vehicle. The rescuers have recovered … Read more

Chronology of 2 Truck Accidents in Front of Kartini Hall which Killed 1 Driver…

JAKARTA, – Police reveal chronology accident between two trucks that occurred on Jalan Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta, to be exact in front of Balai Kartini, Sunday (23/1/2022), at around 04.30 WIB. The Head of Sub-Directorate for Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya Kompol Arga Dirja Putra said the accident involved two trucks driven by Y … Read more

Aosta, minibus ends up in a stream: the 71-year-old driver dies, the three passengers are injured

A 9-seater van, which had 3 tourists from Northern Europe on board, ended up in a stream in the heart of the renowned ski resort of Champoluc, at the feet ofl Monte Rosa. The austista, a 71-year-old man, died in the accident. On the other hand, three were injured among the passengers: a couple aged … Read more

A minibus with four people on board crashed into the Evançon stream in Ayas: the driver died

A nine-seater minibus with four people on board went off the road and fell into the Evançon stream in Champoluc di Ayas. From the first information the driver – Roberto Arrigoni, 61 years old from St-Vincent – would have had an illness and the vehicle, out of control, broke through the protections and ended up … Read more

Index – Domestic – A man who was not allowed to take off because he was not wearing a mask nearly killed the bus driver

A 31-year-old man did not put on his mask, so the driver of a scheduled bus in Budapest did not open the door of the vehicle. The incident continues when the unworthy man hit the driver on the head with his fist and then left the injured driver alone, the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office reported. The … Read more

Missing bus driver in Viña: PDI cell phone expertise found in the vehicle

The Investigative Police Homicide Brigade is examining a cell phone found inside the collective taxi that belonged to Juan Gonzalez Farfan, driver who has been missing since last Friday in Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Region. Until now, the ownership of said telephone, which was next to another belonging to the bus driver, is unknown. yasna … Read more