Pandemic dispute ends in arrest: Serbian tallman hits taxi driver and drives car

The conflict in the Serbian capital came when a taxi driver asked Dragan Labovic to sit in the back seat, as recommended by the situation during the pandemic. However, the 207 cm tall basketball player remained in the passenger seat. The taxi driver’s request to transfer heated Labovičius, the men argued. The conflict moved from … Read more

Love is in the meadow: Björn tries to kiss Lisa while she drives the tractor (video)

For the thirteenth season of Amour est dans le meadow, 10 farmers, in search of a soul mate, have confided their love destiny to Sandrine Dans. Among them, a woman and nine men between the ages of 24 and 55. These singles with touching and atypical backgrounds called on her in the hope of breaking … Read more

The Metaverse Craze Drives Virtual Real Estate Purchases

GETTY IMAGES The idea of ​​spending millions on land that exists only on the internet may sound ridiculous, but the fury sparked by the metaverse, a future of virtual reality, is encouraging some investors to buy digital real estate. This week, the New York company Republic Realm announced a $ 4.3 million deal to buy … Read more

Wake-up call 5/12: Max Verstappen drives Grand Prix in Jeddah • Paus on Lesbos

Are you hitting the road? Here you will find it Overview of the work. Check here the rail timetable. What can you expect today? Max Verstappen drives the first Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. The start at the Jeddah circuit is at 6.30 pm. If all goes well for the Dutchman he can become world … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Break in the way of inertial fusion and future interstellar drives

NIF laser device (LLNL source). The first information that inertial fusion succeeded in achieving more energy production than was supplied for its heating appeared in the summer. However, at that time it was without details. Researchers working on NIF facilities (National Ignition Facility) in the US LLNL Laboratory (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) published in a … Read more

“Sounds like shit”: Elon Musk criticizes web 3.0 and drives the price of dogecóin

Published: 3 dic 2021 03:47 GMT Web 3.0 promotes the idea that a decentralized version of the Internet will eventually replace Web 2.0 focused on Silicon Valley. Billionaire businessman Elon Musk suggested that there may not be much to Web 3.0, a highly acclaimed concept in the crypto community. In a Tweet published this Thursday, … Read more

Motorist deliberately drives into 40-year-old woman after quarrel

Internet editors Yesterday at 07:18 Enkhuizen After an argument in a parking lot at the Steker in Enkhuizen, a motorist deliberately drove into a woman on the Douwe Brouwerweg around 23:30 on Saturday evening. The 40-year-old victim was taken to hospital. An altercation broke out in the parking lot between an acquaintance of the woman … Read more

Israel Rojas drives a Nissan and Cubans call him ‘Sandro Castro 2’: ‘With that car and defending communism’

The official singer Israel Rojas continues this week in the middle of the controversy on social networks after calling “abnormal” Cubans who “did not understand” the songs of Buena Fe. Rojas appeared in pictures driving a Nissan car by Havana and several citizens they compared it to Sandro Castro, Fidel Castro’s grandson, for exhibiting himself … Read more

Global Warming Drives Soil Carbon Emissions

Soil is estimated to store about 20 percent of carbon, more than is stored in plants and the atmosphere. Recent research suggests that climate change could get worse, as warming releases carbon stored in the soil.To determine the impact of soil temperature on carbon release, researchers from the University of Exeter and Stockholm University collected … Read more

From the flirtation with Vlahovic to the relationship with the singer of Amici Deddy, Mariasole Pollio drives everyone crazy! PHOTOS | First page

Yesterday’s double is just a confirmation. Dusan Vlahovic for some months now he has taken the limelight to his goals and overflowing performances. However, the rumors that have been carrying his name on the front page of all sports and non-sports newspapers for days are not just on the market. According to various sources (which … Read more