The Metaverse is not resisting the selling pressure with Axie Infinity and Sandbox poised to drop as much as 20%.

The cryptocurrencies directed to the metaverse ecosystem are not having the necessary strength to withstand the selling pressure that has been hitting the entire market of crypto assets and could drop more than 20%, with two of the largest metaverse tokens being Axie Infinity (AXS) y The Sandbox (SAND) leading the fall. That’s what analysts … Read more

New price drop for the POCO F3!

The POCO F3 is now available on sale at 278 euros (6 + 128GB) during the sales at Aliexpress! The POCO F3 plays in the big leagues with the brand’s most powerful processor to date. Powered by the Snapdragon 870 5G mobile platform, the smartphone features an enhanced core clock speed powered by Qualcomm Kryo … Read more

“The drop in the price of the antigen test could and should have been set much earlier”

One of the few good news these days is the decision of the Government and the autonomous communities of set a maximum price for the antigen test. Now they will cost less than three euros. This is going to mean significant savings for everyone, given the evidence that the most and the least have to … Read more

deliveries drop in 2021

THE CHIP CRISIS IS WEIGHING – The brand Volkswagen closes on 2021 with 4,896,900 cars delivered to customers, 8.1% less than in 2020. This result, as confirmed by the company, was affected by the shortage of components and the consequent slowdown in the production of factories. One figure above all makes us understand the extent … Read more

One drop triggers libido! The miracle of ginger from ancient times to the present

There are many plants in nature that create miracles with their benefits. Ginger, which grows in tropical or semi-tropical climates such as China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan and is called a miracle plant, is one of them. Ginger, which is used for cold and beauty, is also very effective in increasing sexual power. Ginger … Read more

Miracles flow from every drop! Consuming daily reduces risk of death by 19 percent

The benefits of olive oil are endless. Scientists continue to conduct various researches about olive oil, which has been healing for tens of different ailments for thousands of years. Olive oil, which is one of the most beneficial vegetable oils, can be drunk alone and is often preferred in meals, appetizers, salads and sauces. BENEFITS … Read more

Government revises crop down, but market estimates even greater drop – 01/11/2022 – Commodities Shuttle

The Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, who is expected to leave the government in March, will not have fulfilled her dream of leaving the Ministry with the country producing close to 300 million tons of grain. In the last two years, Brazil has gone through one of your worst droughts. As a result, the grain … Read more

Pension funds in 2021: Big drop in conservative funds, profit brought only those risks

additional participants pensioner spoolwho in 2021 bet on conservative funds, will not results their puben sweat. Vtina tchto fond ended up in a monk. The analysis of Freedom Financial Services shows that solid performance is associated with long-term risk. astnick or transformed fond teaching in the Czech Republic tm half of the citizens. Update III. … Read more