Site of Ampat Island, the Iron Civilization Drowning at the Bottom of Lake Matano – All Pages—Sulawesi with its name meaning ‘island iron‘, is known for its iron production for a long time in the archipelago. Based on the 14th century Majapahit manuscript Nagarakertagama, Luwu area, is suspected to be a producer of iron which is exported to Java because of its high quality. Recently, archaeologists reported on the site iron … Read more

Has released the name of the person who died after the drowning accident – Dagsavisen

It was Adam van Asperen (37), a resident of Trøndelag, who was found lifeless in the sea at Bjergsted in Stavanger on Sunday morning. – Police, ambulance and fire brigade were on site, and resuscitation was attempted. The man was then transported to Stavanger University Hospital, but unfortunately his life could not be saved, the … Read more

At the climate conference, there is an unusual address from the Minister of the Dwarf State: we are drowning

“We’re drowning, but everyone else is drowning,” Simon Coffe said in a video speech at a UN climate conference in Glasgow on Tuesday. The country of 12,000 is threatened by rising sea levels due to the climate crisis. Climate change is a “deadly and existential threat” for his country and other low-income atoll states, the … Read more

KM Liberty Apparently Drowning at the Location of KRI Nanggala 402, This is the Mystical Story of the North Bali Sea: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Motorboat (KM) Liberty 1 drowned in the northern waters of Bali due to being hit by a storm. As of Wednesday (27/6/2021), nine crew members (ABK) are still in search of the combined SAR Team. (Also read: KM Liberty was hit by a storm and drowned in the Bali Sea) The nine crew … Read more

The Egyptian Minister of Irrigation warns of the possibility of drowning a third of the delta in Egypt

Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan The Egyptian Minister of Irrigation, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, said that more than a third of the delta is at risk of drowning due to climate change. He added during a technical session to discuss the project to adapt to climate changes in the northern coast and the Nile Delta on the … Read more

4 Anglers in Sumedang Drowning, 2 of them Still in Search

INISUMEDANG.COM – 4 people in Sumedang were reported missing while fishing in two different places on Saturday, October 23, 2021 yesterday. As for the 4 people who were declared drowned, namely, 2 people drowned in the Cimanuk River, Munjul Hamlet, Sukamenak Village, Darmaraja District. Meanwhile, 2 more people reportedly drowned in the Cilutung River, Cilutung, … Read more

Netflix / Serial: a real Squid Game phone number is drowning in calls

Global streaming giant Netflix changed a phone number that appeared in the hit series Squid Game on Wednesday, after South Koreans with that number or similar combinations fell under the calls. The nine-part Korean series, blending extreme violence and denouncing economic inequality, features hundreds of characters competing in a children’s game competition to win 45.6 … Read more

A disturbing statue of a drowning girl was erected in Bilbao. Draws attention to the climate

The statue appeared in the Nervion River without any prior announcement last week. Since then, the locals have been walking around her and taking pictures of her with interest. The author of the work is the Mexican artist Ruben Orozco. He created it as part of a campaign for the charity BBK Foundation, which seeks … Read more

Zbrojovka overcame Spartan reserve and leads FNL by seven points, Dukla is drowning in crisis – ČT sport – Czech Television

10th round of the second football league: Brno – Sparta Prague “B” 2: 1 (1: 0) Goals: 12. and 48. Přichystal – 47. Sejk. Referee: Batik – Kotik, Melichar. ŽK: Řezníček – Vácha, Šimáček. Viewers: 4018. Dukla Prague – Prostejov 0: 1 (0: 1) Branka: 7. Urbanec. Referee: Křepský – Mikeska, Dresler. ŽK: Fábry, Kozma, … Read more

Belgium is drowning in debt of 581 billion

Budget conclaves will be in full swing next week. After the covid and the floods, the situation has deteriorated deeply, particularly at the federal level and in French-speaking entities. Sooner or later it will take deep cleansing. The cohesion of the country depends on it. During a year and a half, Belgium has spent lavishly. … Read more