Meghan tripped the Duchess of Kate: She collapsed!

Now quarantine is everywhere, and a looser regimen due to the coronavirus crisis, but when it’s over, Kate can be expected not to see her children so often. She would never have thought that such a thing could happen to her, but there was no one to do it for her. Meghan and Harry announced … Read more

The Crown Prince’s family – Accused of copying: – Silly

Smiling royals gathered with the family, or captured by the camera one by one, are not entirely uncommon to see on social media. The royal family across the North Sea, ie the British, are often seen photographed in a private context – through The Royal Familys and Kensington Royals Instagram profiles. COMMENT: Dagbladet’s political editor … Read more

This was William’s worst gift for Kate. She never forgot it

The prince slammed his romantic trumpet on himself in the podcast of the former English football representative Peter Crouch. He admitted that he had given his wife, model Abbey Chancey, a raincoat for three years in a row. William didn’t leave him. “I once gave my wife binoculars. She never forgot it. It was at … Read more

The Queen wears this with a zoom call – Fashion and Beauty

Since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, the British royal family has also been making increasing use of the video conferencing provider. Too old for a virtual meeting? Not Queen Elizabeth II! The 94-year-old monarch has been retired since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic and has seen only a few appointments in … Read more

Prince William and Duchess Kate were warned about another baby

Updated July 15, 2020, 8:38 a.m. Before Duchess Kate’s third pregnancy, she and her husband Prince William were warned against further offspring. Like Anne Green Carter Dillard, president of the US children’s organization “Having Children”, believes that large families are “unsustainable”. You can find more news about the British Royals here Three children are too … Read more

Prince Louis: the Lausbub is two years old –

Prince Louis: The Lausbub is two years old Prince Louis: New portrait for his second birthday Prince Louis celebrates his 2nd birthday – and sees Brother George more and more like, Star News William and Kate provide mental health care for Corona helpers Prince Louis: New pictures for the second birthday … Read more

Duchess Kate Middleton is on this diet

Feel-good pound, frustration or baby fat: Kate Middleton (38) does not know all of this. Since she has stood at the side of Prince William (37), the beautiful brunette has been slim and slim. But her hammer figure is no accident. The Duchess of Cambridge follows a strict diet for her fitness. Healthy eating and … Read more