Putin is preparing a new wave of mobilization? Big changes from March 1

From March 1, Russians who want to leave the country by car will have to book in advance the place, date and exact time of crossing the border in the electronic system. Such an assumption was included in the draft act on motorway traffic. The planned changes were announced a few days ago by the … Read more

Will Russia create a military bloc to counterbalance NATO, the opinion of a State Duma deputy

State Duma Deputy Novikov proposed to create centers of resistance to the United States Aggressive US and NATO policies will push other countries to ally with Russia A photo: NIDS/NATO Multimedia Library The conclusion of a large number of bilateral alliances between Russia and countries that are not satisfied with the aggressive policy of the … Read more

The chairman of the Russian Duma threatens the West: the supply of weapons to Ukraine will cause a “global catastrophe”

On his Telegram channel, he warned that US and NATO support for Ukraine was allegedly leading the world to a “terrible war.” “If Washington and NATO countries supply weapons to hit civilian cities and try to seize our territories, as they threaten, it will lead to countermeasures with more powerful weapons,” he was quoted as … Read more

Mobilization also for the father of three children, said the Duma deputy

Ostanin got the information from Irina Kirkora, a member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, and is now asking the Ministry of Defense for an explanation, the Moskevsky Komsomolets newspaper wrote. “Since the partial mobilization has already ended, fathers with three children will not be called up. The document was probably created because it … Read more

The Ministry of Finance was afraid to remain without taxes of the departed Russians because of the proposals of the State Duma

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov urged not to rush to tighten tax regimes for Russians who left the country, as State Duma deputies recently announced. The Ministry of Finance fears that such initiatives will lead to an exodus of tax residents and then the Russian budget will not receive any money at all instead of the … Read more

The Russian State Duma is proposing to raise tax rates for Russians who have left the country

“Until today, Russian citizens who have left not only work remotely in Russian companies, but also enjoy all the benefits that this gives them in accordance with the legislation of our country,” Volodin says. “It is right to cancel the benefits for those who left the Russian Federation and to introduce an increased tax rate,” … Read more

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation sharply criticized the remake of the Irony of Fate

Not everyone was ready to shoot entertainment programs at the very moment when hostilities were underway on the territory of a neighboring state. Photo source: Yandex pictures As soon as the first frames from the filming of the remake of the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” appeared on the network, a … Read more

A member of the Russian Duma named the Kremlin’s goal to reach Ukraine’s border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania: we will still get there

A. Gurulov said that it is important to see “how things will turn out” after Russian forces withdraw from Kherson, according to skynews.com. He said: “November is quite warm, also in Ukraine. I can assure you that in two or three weeks at the latest, it will definitely be below freezing everywhere. It will be … Read more

The former world chess champion A. Karpov, who fell completely drunk from the steps of the Duma, is dying – there is talk of his death

On October 29, it was reported about the alleged attack and beating of the deputy of the State Duma representing the ruling party “United Russia” and the former world chess champion A. Karpov near the Duma. This was reported by a businessman who knows the deputy well and his friend Andrejus Kovaliovas. But as it … Read more

Anatoly Karpov was found collapsed near the Russian Duma building – the politician and former chess champion ended up in intensive care

(added at 15:47) Russian Chess Federation RIA Novosti denied reports that the former world champion was beaten: “The reports are untrue. This is false information.” At the same time, “Mash” announces that A. Karpov has been placed in an artificial coma. It is also believed that based on the symptoms, the doctors suspect that A. … Read more