Marianna Dufek reveals how the antics of Kamil Durczok had an impact on their son: “Through all these scandals WALKED THE YEAR in college”

In 2017 ended ongoing 22 years marriage Marianna Dufek i Kamil Durczok. After divorce Marianna consistently avoided media attention, avoiding giving any interviews. Only now unknown facts have come to light. In a recently published post on Facebook, Dufek admitted five years since the divorce she was bound by a silence clausewhich was one of … Read more

Kamil Durczok: The inheritance shocked his son! Huge problems!

Kamil Durczok died in one of Katowice hospitals last week. After the journalist’s funeral, more and more surprising information began to appear in the media. As our informant revealed, Kamil Durczok did not leave a will. His only heir was naturally his son – Kamil junior. “He will now have to decide whether he will … Read more