Three children and seven grandchildren: Jaroslav Dušek lives with his wife…

Jaroslav Dušek is very protective of his privacy, which is why his wife is often nicknamed Mrs. Columbová. But the well-known actor recently brought his beloved Iveta out into the company and proved to everyone that their relationship is still flourishing even after thirty-six years. Unlike other celebrities, Jaroslav Dušek does not share his private … Read more

The spread of covid is accelerating in the Czech Republic. We are in a different situation than last time, but risk groups should be vaccinated, said Dušek

More patients with symptoms now go to doctors – although the days also depend. “When I compare what was a month ago, the increase is big, for example on Monday there were around ten people, yesterday there were two,” says general practitioner Zuzana Bublová. Overall, confirmed infections are increasing. In a week-on-week comparison, there were … Read more

About one hundred thousand people infected with covid-19 a day, estimates the head of ÚZIS Dušek – ČT24 – Czech Television

On Tuesday, testing caught almost 28.5 thousand newly infected people in the Czech Republic this is the highest daily increase since the outbreak of the covidu-19 pandemic. “Newly infected in the population will be two to three times more. So there will be 70,000 of them in the population, “Dušek said at a meeting of … Read more

Covid is now spreading among unvaccinated people under the age of 50 and among seniors after the vaccine, says Dušek from ÚZIS

The coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic is growing. In addition, statisticians warn that the number of infected people may jump sharply this week. And the burden on hospitals can increase significantly. “On Monday, 7591 cases of infection were newly confirmed, which means a week-on-week increase of 70 percent and more. The infection is mostly … Read more