another mess with Paulo Dybala

The relationship between Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala had become a total reference within for all his followers, although the latest rumors suggested that both had broken up for an alleged infidelity by the Juventus footballer from Turin. The Argentine actress and model herself has been in charge of deny it recently to reaffirm that … Read more

Juventus, Andrea Pirlo’s announcement on Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala back on the bench in the championship challenge that will oppose the Juventus al Genoa. Despite the network against the Naples, the Argentine striker has not yet been deemed ready by the Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo, who announced at a press conference that he will start with Kulusevski from 1 ‘. “In goal … Read more

Dybala goal liberation, brings joy to Juve: the scream and that hand on the chest, one like this does not sell

of alle 08:00 of Andrea Menon A goal that is a liberation, a goal that is a jewel. La Joya smiles again, 87 days after the last time he took the field, it was January 10 and Sassuolo was in front of it. There began the ordeal, the umpteenth of this season, with those 20 … Read more

Only standing room on the church chariot. There is space (for a little while longer) on that of Dybala

Federico Chiesa he is the best Juventus player. You know what’s new. It has been for several months, ever since the anarchist armed with Andrea Pirlo, who for long stretches was Monicellian in this sense, understood that relying on that little boy with a kind of turbo in his legs would not have been a … Read more

Juve, Dybala is back: against Napoli for the redemption, but without renewal …

Juventus embraces Paulo Dybala again. It will be a particular reunion, especially in light of the news that broke out recently, but after three months there Jewel it will be. He has been missing since January 10th due to a knee injury that caused him more problems than expected, but now the worst is over … Read more

Juventus transfer market, salary doubled | Offer for Dybala

Paulo Dybala © Getty Images Juventus is dealing with the many innovations that could be in the next season: a monstrous offer arrives for a Juventus player Future all to be deciphered for the Juventus. From the managers to the coach, passing through the players, the Juventus team could see a real summer revolution. For … Read more

Juventus transfer market, llady Dybala pushes him away from Turin

Lady Dybala pushes the Juventus 10 away from Turin: these are her words Dybala ©Getty Images Paulo’s future Dybala it will be one of the points that the Juventus club will have to face at the end of the season. The Argentine is experiencing his worst season since he was in Turin, thanks to numerous … Read more

Dybala, Arthur and McKennie dismissed by Andrea Pirlo

The “corona party“from the American Winston McKennie, which was also attended by his teammates the Argentinian Paulo Dybala and the Brazilian Arthur Melo, is not without consequences for these three Juventus players. Their trainer Andrea Pirlo said at the press conference leading up to the derby against Torino (Saturday 6 p.m.) on Friday that he … Read more