Trump: patriots wear the mask – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, AUGUST 4 – “Patriots wear masks”: it is the title of an e-mail signed by Donald Trump sent to his fans. In the text, the American president invites to wear it against the pandemic, with a total back-front. “I know there has been some confusion around the use of the mask, but … Read more

‘The Netherlands must make face masks in indoor areas compulsory as soon as possible’ – Radar

It is imperative to wear face masks in cafes, football stadiums and other indoor areas where people gather. Professor and physicist Detlef Lohse of the University of Twente reports this to the AD. The professor is researching the role of small droplets (aerosols) in the spread of the coronavirus. “The initial results of this study … Read more

Eva Herman wants to build colony in Canada – with right-wing radicals

For some years now, the former “Tagesschau” spokeswoman has caused a sensation with right-wing populist statements. Now she has a new job: In Canada, she joined a questionable company. In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, German right-wing radicals and conspiracy ideologists want to build a colony with like-minded people, as the “Spiegel” reports. Hundreds … Read more

Future of the monetary system: anyone with a bank account at De Nederlandsche Bank? – Radar

June 24 is on the agenda in the House of Representatives: ‘Research into digital central bank money’. In other words: everyone gets a bank account with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). That is the idea, devised by the DNB itself. You no longer have to go to a commercial bank to store and withdraw your money. … Read more

Attention! This email contains a cell phone virus – multimedia

The mobile operator A1 warns of dubious emails that ask to download a suspicious app. Customers of the A1 mobile operator are currently receiving more and more emails, mostly with the subject “Important message” or “Information for customers of the A1 mobile network”. These contain the request to visit a website and to install a … Read more

Office 365 is protected against “Reply all” mass emails

Sometimes they cause amusement and creative e-mail conversations, but mostly they are annoying and simply spam, especially in large companies: “Reply all” mass mails. Office 365 can now block something like this, also to reduce the server load. The emails have often been said to be dead, but in most companies and authorities they are … Read more

“Lockdown can be released for people under fifty” – Radar

The Netherlands could slowly lift the lockdown for people under fifty. The chance that they will die from corona is extremely small, say researchers at the UvA, about which EenVandaag reports. There are more than ten million people under the age of fifty in the Netherlands. Among this group, the mortality rate is 0.014 percent. … Read more