Elevator March 9, 2023 – Elevator

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa At a seminar on women in diplomacy, the Head of State recalled that there is a lack of important women in relevant political functions. It is indeed sad that, until today, we have only had one woman in Foreign Affairs and none as President of the Republic. Portugal has a long … Read more

what do you recommend with blue record

Although three months is considered short term, in Argentina, with a climate of great volatility, it might seem like a long time. Along these lines, Abel Cuchietti, a public accountant and financial adviser, argues that people who have a investment horizon 3 monthsare usually clients with a conservative profile. “In a short term horizon how … Read more

What can be done with 100 thousand Argentine pesos?

Argentina is going through one of its worst economic crises with a inflation which in 2022 almost reached the 3 figures, a phenomenon that many years ago did not occur in our country, added to the constant rise of the dollar which, although it did not reach inflation, was very close, with a price of … Read more

which is the best in Argentina

In simple terms, and mutual fund it’s a investment instrument in which experts manage, either actively or passively, a set of assets acquired with the capital that investors or shareholders enter. Currently there is a large number of mutual funds, So the question arises as to which is the best. What is the best investment … Read more

Simulate a fixed term with a new interest rate: how much can you earn

The fixed term It’s one of the most popular savings instruments from Argentina. Among the reasons why it is chosen over other options are its ease of operation, the guaranteed interest rate, among other features. Currently, as a way of encourage savings in national currency, the national government has significantly increased the interest rate of … Read more