A miserable salary? This was the sum that Mabel Cartagena earned when she was a presenter

The renowned presenter Mabel Cartagena answered some questions in her Instagram stories made by his Instagram followers. One person asked Mabel for how much did a presenter earn and she answered him with satire, assuring him that she was the one who earned the least in the middle. “You come to ask the one who … Read more

Celebrities: María Celeste Arrarás earned 8 million dollars a year in Telemund

After the surprise announcement of the dismissal of María Celeste Arrarás from Telemundo, television station where he hosted the program ‘Red Hot’ For more than 18 years, it has now been revealed how much the Puerto Rican’s salary was. LOOK: MARÍA CELESTE ARRARÁS WAS DISMISSED FROM TELEMUNDO AND LEFT ‘AL ROJO ALIVE’ AFTER 18 YEARS … Read more

The bitcoin rate reached $ 12,000. 95% of investors earned money from buying a coin :: RBC.Crypto

Almost all users who store cryptocurrency on over-the-counter wallets have purchased it for less than the current price and can take profits. Ethereum investors are in worse position, holders of two popular coins probably regretted their choice Today, August 15, the bitcoin rate rose to $ 12,000, now it has dropped to $ 11,900. This … Read more

Kingdom Come: Deliverance still brings out. The Czech game studio Warhorse earned over 460 million crowns last year

The Czech game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is appreciated for its attractive and realistic landscapes Foto: Warhorse The Czech game development studio Warhorse Studios was founded in 2011 and it took seven long years to release its first and so far only game. But that was it Kingdom Come: Deliverance, one of the most ambitious domestic … Read more

The Varner brothers smashed the Oslo Stock Exchange last year – earned NOK 150 million on shares

For the clothing empire The Varner group, everything went from bad to worse when the corona crisis hit Norway in mid-March. Earlier this summer, DN was able to report that the group has lost NOK 350 million in four months. In the stock market, on the other hand, things have gone better for the three … Read more

Odd Nordstoga earned NOK 3.1 million last year and is investing in the Oslo Stock Exchange

INVESTMENT: Odd Nordstoga invests money in DNB funds, Nordic Nanovector and the debt collection company B2Holding. Photo: TV 2 finance Anders Pedersen Bjergaard 15:25 – 9 Aug. | Updated 15:28 – 9 Aug. The Norwegian musician and composer Odd Nordstoga makes good money on music. Last year, he had a turnover of NOK 4.3 million … Read more

Only when they threatened to boycott the finals did they receive proper bonuses for Olympic gold. Havránek earned them for the Himla

They offered them five thousand crowns. For winning, for first place, for Olympic gold. At the same time, they reached the final. Leningrad’s group won, although after the victory over Colombia they only drew with Kuwait and Nigeria, they eliminated Cuba in the quarterfinals and Yugoslavia in the semifinals. Opponents are not much, because football … Read more

Walking around the house earned the century-old man a knighthood

A World War II veteran raised money for the British public health system NHS, which was exposed to the onslaught of the coronavirus epidemic. He proved this by using a walker before his hundredth birthday, which he celebrated on April 30, he covered a distance of 25 meters around his garden a hundred times. He … Read more