she gets her iPhone fixed and earns millions of dollars with her nudes

The reputation ofApple for the protection of personal data no longer to do! Except on this one. Direction Oregon where a student decides to have her iPhone repaired at one of the Cupertino firm’s partner repairers. However, the technicians will not simply take care of refurbishing the young woman’s smartphone. She has her iPhone repaired … Read more

How much money do they have and who earns more?

But courtship that famous people had It not only affected their love life, as their careers took off exponentially, something that was also reflected in their economic situation and the request of businessmen, that many times they looked for their ‘shows’ together. (See also: What does the word ‘bichota’, used by Karol G, mean and … Read more

Attack on the cash van in Lyon earns nine million euros

JN / Agencies Today at 18:49 An armored valuables van was attacked this Friday morning in Lyon, eastern France, by five assailants, who took nine million euros, reported the local daily Le Progrés. The assault took place just before 9 am local time (8 am in Lisbon) near the city’s central station, when the Loomis … Read more

Bella Thorne earns 1.8 million Swiss francs on OnlyFans

GC Images 1/7 Bella Thorne deserves a golden nose on OnlyFans. Instagram 2/7 She is said to have already collected 1.8 million francs for posting revealing pictures. imago images/Runway Manhattan 3/7 The actress likes being in control of herself on the site. WireImage 7/7 She is considering getting an account herself. Pornstars usually present themselves … Read more

Banks, subscriptions to Intesa Sanpaolo’s offer on Ubi are rising. Who earns from the operation?

days decisive for trying to Intesa Sanpaolo to conquer uBI Bancarespectively the first and fourth Italian banking group. Tuesday July 28 expires in fact, the public purchase and exchange offer, announced on 14 February and started on 6 July. Yesterday the Ubi Board of Directors again rejected the proposal. “Trust cannot be bought”, writes Banca … Read more

Video: Sabala earns rejection in Lithuanian championship game

Latvian football striker Valery Shabala On Thursday, he was dismissed from the field in the Lithuanian A League match, but it did not prevent him and the midfielder Gļebs Kļuškins, represented by the Marijampole “Sūduva” team of eight men to reach the point. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Sūduva” fought a draw at … Read more

Jeff Bezos earns $ 13 billion in a single day

Tycoon Jeff Bezos.Image: Eric Baradat / AFP (Getty Images) This Monday was a great day for Jeff Bezos, who managed to add a whopping $ 13 billion to his personal fortune. There is nothing. This rise, produced in just 24 hours, has broken all existing records since Bloomber created the ‘Billionaires Index‘ in the year … Read more