Rocket Launches into Space Could Have an Impact on Earth’s Climate Damage

The race for space exploration seems unstoppable lately. Not to mention the scenario of space tourism, which is being developed by billionaires. Although it is a milestone in the progress of space exploration, the launch of rockets into space has an impact on the destruction of Earth’s climate. This was revealed from research conducted by … Read more

Earth’s core oscillates and changes the length of days!

Mathieu Remaining Meteored Brasil 26 Jun 4 min Scientists discover variations in the rate of rotation of the Earth’s core that can even change the length of days on the planet. Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) They have found evidence that the ground may be much more unstable than we imaginedcontradicting previous … Read more

Scientists Find Site That Describes Earth’s Biggest Extinction Event

This site was discovered after 70 years ago but was not traced. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Scientists have finally rediscovered a lost fossil site in Brazil. This site was discovered after 70 years ago scientists were unable to trace their way to the isolated site. Reported from Live Science, Saturday (26/6/2022) the treasure in question is … Read more

[지금은 우주-영상] Avoid Earth’s collision, go to asteroids in search of metal

Projects for asteroid research, such as the Psyche probe, are being promoted. [사진=NASA] [아이뉴스24 정종오 기자] The era of asteroid exploration is opening up. NASA’s asteroid exploration, which is at the forefront in the field of space science, is currently focused on three main areas. The first consists of a mission to change the orbit … Read more

Astronomers Discover Earth’s Neighbor Multiplanet System, Jakarta – Tim astronomer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in collaboration with other astronomers around the world have identified two rocky planets orbiting the star HD 260655. These planets are apparently about 33 light years from Earth. Collect GizchinaThursday (23/7/2022), based on data and estimates, the planetsplanet It is rocky and has … Read more

The night sky was illuminated by a spectacular spectacle: the remains of a spacecraft rocket exploded into the Earth’s atmosphere and burned

Videos capturing parts of a rocket burning in the atmosphere have flooded various social networks, the meteorological portal reports Mastral Project/The Weather in Torrevieja. The astronomer from Spain, Dr. Josep M. Trigo, who posted a message on Twitter. Impressive reentry of the #ChangZheng2F Chinese rocket recorded by many of our network stations crossing the Mediterranean … Read more

The rapid changes we’re seeing in Earth’s magnetic field don’t mean the poles are about to shift. This is normal

One of the most interesting discoveries about the Earth in recent decades concerns the Earth’s magnetic poles. Paleomagnetic records show that the poles have changed places 183 times in the last 83 million years. That’s about every 450,000 years on average, although there were ten million years between changes in at least two cases. Earth’s … Read more

The Earth’s Core Under the Leaning Banda Sea? Study Explains the Answer

Jakarta – Research by seismologists at the University of California (UC) Berkeley states, the planet’s dense iron core earth grow faster on one side than the other. This has happened since the core froze more than half a billion years ago. Initially the Earth’s core melted but began to freeze over time. Quoted from Berkeley … Read more

New research reveals Earth’s inner core oscillates on a six-year cycle

— Rost9/ Although it is widely accepted today that the inner core of our planet is not fixed, American scientists have recently shown that, contrary to what we previously thought, its movement is not continuous. . A pivotal study Over the past three decades, the refinement of seismic detection and analysis techniques has made it … Read more

The Earth’s Core Shakes, The Duration of One Day Changes Every 6 Years

Jakarta – Inti in Earth oscillates, sways gently and swirls from one direction to another in a six-year cycle. According to recent research, this activity affects the length of the day on our planet. As reported in the journal Science Advances, this new theory of how the Earth’s interior works contradicts earlier ideas about geological … Read more