WhatsApp New Features Make it Easy for Admins to Manage Group Members

Jakarta – WhatsApp announced two new features to enhance the browsing experience group. One of the features that makes it easier for admins to control who is allowed to join the group. In its blog post, WhatsApp said it wanted to give more control for admins to maintain the privacy of their groups. Because of … Read more

Gubsu Edy Doesn’t Know Siantar’s Walkot Impeached by DPRD: It’s Not That Easy

While – The Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi, is not yet aware of the DPRD’s decision to dismiss or impeach the Mayor of Siantar, Susanti Dewayani. Edy assessed that the impeachment process for regional heads through the DPRD’s proposal was not easy. “I haven’t heard of this (Mayor of Pematang Siantar being dismissed), dismissed? … Read more

“Crouching Dragon: Fall from the Sky” novice weapons and BOSS battle strategy, easy to advance the second week | 4Gamers

Koei Tecmo’s latest action blockbuster “Crouching Dragon: Fall of the Sky” has been on the market for a while, although many players have already entered the second week and started an endless life of brushing, but the variety of weapons and equipment and various difficulties The entangled BOSS also makes many novice players still struggle … Read more

Abraham Samad Rates Rafael Alun’s Case Easy to Solve, Here’s the Reason

Jakarta – The alleged corruption case of the former Head of the General Section of the Regional Office of the South Jakarta Directorate General of Taxes II Rafael Trisambodo Square is currently still being investigated by the KPK. Former Chairman of the KPK Abraham Samad said the case was easy to resolve. “I said this … Read more

Eating less carbohydrates: 3 easy ways!

Home » General » € » Eating less carbohydrates: 3 easy ways! More and more people are discovering the power of low-carb eating. And that’s not surprising, because eating fewer carbohydrates is associated with easier weight loss, a body that responds better to insulin and less problems with fluctuations in your blood sugar. On TrendyWoman … Read more

How to make chocolate chip cookies just like the ones at Costco? Here is the quick and easy recipe

Written in LIFESTYLE he 19/3/2023 · 16:06 hs There are several products that are only sold in Costco and are liked by the public, such as pizza, cheesecakes or chocolate chip cookies. Recently that store caused controversy because a boy was denied membership, since his first last name is supposedly on a list of “prohibited … Read more

12 Ways to Relieve Cough, Easy and Can Be Done at Home

Jakarta – Coughing is the body’s natural response to clearing the throat of phlegm, dust and other irritants. Cough usually occurs due to irritation of the throat or airways. The condition of a continuous cough can of course interfere with daily activities. So how do you relieve a cough? Check out the answer here. Factors … Read more

Easy and effective exercises to do at home to lose weight and tone up

Regular physical exercise is essential for maintaining good health and losing weight. In addition to burning calories, exercise helps strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation. For some people, lack of time, money, or motivation can keep them from going to the gym or taking fitness classes. However, it is possible to do exercises at home … Read more