Add your Renfe tickets to Wallet on the iPhone in this simple way | Lifestyle

Have you ever considered that it would be wonderful to dispense with all boarding passes What do you carry in your wallet and unify them all in one place? Today it is possible and in the case of the iPhone it has its own name: Apple Wallet. And yes, Renfe is also compatible with this … Read more

Trick with Echo makes it easy to achieve Overwatch character achievements

Overwatch is one of the video games that did not fill the most fun when playing with our friends and this Blizzard video game already has a time when the gaming experience has been improved, although it will not get new heroes until The sequel comes out, its latest hero appears to be the protagonist … Read more

How to publish a task in Teams, what are the steps and how easy is it

Microsoft Teams is a tool of Office 365 and it works to encourage collaborative work by a specific group of students. It is a tool used by teachers worldwide and its intention is encourage participation of students, strengthen professional communities and streamline communication. Teams gives you the facility to communicate instantly with any member of … Read more

Breast cancer is easy to prevent; no one should die for that evil | News

Each year 6,500 new cases of breast cancer are registered in Peru, of which 1,800 end in death. However, no one should die from this disease because it is totally preventable. This is how the medical oncologist Mauricio León Rivera explains it, noting that our society lacks a culture of prevention that prevents women from … Read more

how to scan your breasts in 4 easy steps – Kittyshiwa

If you can’t see the video click here. Why is it important to self-examine your breasts? Because this way you can help prevent breast cancer, which is the most common among women. And the earlier the diagnosis, the greater the chances of successful treatment. It does not matter what you call them: pears, melons, chichis, … Read more

easy guide to get them all

Paladins is a free-to-play shooting game that has a competitive mode When you first play Paladins it may appear to be an Overwatch clone, however the Hi-Rez Studios game was in development before Blizzard made the announcement of their game. Now what both games are quite similar, even in the graphic section, it is a … Read more

easy guide to get them all

Black Desert es un MMORPG sandbox Although when talking about MMORPG possibly the first game that comes to mind is World of Warcraft, there are other titles of the genre that have opted for a gameplay and mechanics that little or nothing to do with Blizzard’s game. Black Desert would be one of these titles. … Read more

The US will return with Biden to the world, to multilateralism and to the rules of the political game; but it won’t be easy, specialists warn

A new Administration led by Joe Biden gives the United States the opportunity to return to the international scene from which Trump had alienated the country The victory of Joe Biden presage a return of United States al International panorama away from the disruptions and bravado of Donald Trump, but also that it will not … Read more