One-week in-depth experience of OPPO Find N2: easy-to-use and practical folding screen |

Why don’t you buy a folding screen phone? On the Internet, this problem has nearly 300 comments, the price is too expensive, the weight is too heavy, the crease is obvious, and the fit is bad. Until the end of 2021, the folding screens of various companies seemed to have opened up, and suddenly they … Read more

An easy-to-use note-taking software with convenient classification! “Bear” helps you quickly clarify the big and small things in life (iOS / macOS)

I don’t know whether everyone is a traditional handbook school or an electronic notebook school, or how are you used to taking notes when you are in class or in a meeting?Today I’m going to share a note-taking software “Bear”, which can help you plan the big and small things in your life if you … Read more

Easy-to-use tool predicts complications in patients undergoing hysterectomy for benign disease

PARIS, Oct. 24 (Benin News) – Researchers have developed easy-to-use online prediction tools that provide personalized risk estimates for patients undergoing hysterectomy for benign disease, they published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). Laparoscopic hysterectomies are becoming more common because they are less invasive than abdominal surgery. In current practice, surgeons discuss with patients … Read more

Everyday video conferencing environment, easy-to-use ultra cost-effective webcam, Abco APC 850

The world has changed a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them is a change in the work environment. Face-to-face conversations at work have decreased, and online conversations are becoming more frequent. In addition, more and more meetings, conferences, and conferences are now conducted online or via video, and some companies have … Read more

Easy-to-use post-production video effects compositing software recommends Blackmagic Fusion Studio18_Mac_Tools_Animation

Original title: Easy-to-use post-production video effects compositing software recommends Blackmagic Fusion Studio18 Blackmagic Fusion Studio 18 Mac latest crack version is an advanced post-production special effect synthesis tool suitable for video creation. Blackmagic Fusion Studio 18 features a powerful node-based interface that allows you to quickly and easily create complex effects by linking together different … Read more

Photoshop portrait microdermabrasion plug-in – Portraiture, a fast and easy-to-use portrait retouching plug-in – Computer King Ada

Since the advent of smart phones, some apps that can make selfies look more beautiful and softer are also very popular among girls. Pick up the phone → open the app and take a photo → Meitu was born. In the eyes of people who play with cameras, all of this is really fast and … Read more

5 recommended “New Year’s Switch games” in 2022: the healing and cute “Guinea Carriage”, the simple and easy-to-use “Mario Racing” ⋯ | VidaOrange Life Report Orange

Every year during the Chinese New Year, what I look forward to most is to get together with family members I haven’t seen for a long time. Whether it’s playing mahjong, playing poker, or playing the Switch game console, which has become more and more popular in recent years, with children, it’s like a kind … Read more

Microsoft updates PowerToys and introduces an easy-to-use feature to install Windows

Microsoft just released a new version of PowertoysIt is an open source application that combines several tools aimed at adding new functionality to Windows. The latest version, Sealed 0.53.1, launches the newcomer: “Always on Top”. Also to discover the video: As the name suggests, this tool makes it possible, with the help of a hotkey, … Read more

Toyota launches easy-to-use, compact, standing electric tricycle C+walk

Toyota C+walk Toyota’s latest stand-up electric tricycle C+walk, A light electric vehicle designed for people with limited mobility or who need to walk for a long time. The replaceable lithium battery can be used for up to 14 kilometers after about 2.5 hours of charging.Toyota emphasizes the ease of use and compact design of the … Read more