Five Zebras in check, Conceição eaten by Tchatchoua: player ratings after Charleroi’s precious victory against Seraing

SeraingInterview Christophe Lepoint, six truths about his new club: “A match at Seraing can be a real quagmire” Christophe Lepoint answers six statements often heard about the Steelworkers before the arrivals of Charleroi, Genk and Bruges.

Man eaten by two lions

An 18-year-old man was dragged away and eaten by two lions when he was on his way home with his family in the state of Gujarat, North West India. This is reported by several Indian media, among others Mirror Now. The lions, which are said to have been a male and a female lion, jumped … Read more

It balances fasting sugar, directly destroys cancer cells, is an antioxidant store! The result of the research attracted attention, when eaten regularly…

RED FRUITS (BLACKBERRY, BLACKBERRY, STRAWBERRY, BLACK GRAPE) Red fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, black grapes and pomegranates have anti-cancer properties thanks to their bioactive components such as phenolic and flavonoids. Considering that the daily consumption of fruit is 2-3 portions on average, 1 portion of it should be preferred from red fruits.

The dog Odin may have eaten up the Toten mayor’s dream holiday – VG

BEWARE: Stian Olafsen and 10 month old Labrador Odin. Now the four-legged friend has made the holiday trip hang in a thin thread. Photo: Private In August, Stian Olafsen will finally realize his dream of traveling to Graceland, Elvis’ hometown. But the Labrador Odin may have put an end to that. The summer has been … Read more

From the river Po “eaten” by the sea to the dried up lake of Bracciano: this is how drought brings Italy to its knees

Il Draghi government he is working on the drought emergency. This morning – according to what is learned – there should be a new technical meeting. An eventual decision on the state of emergency. Which will eventually be implemented with a Dpcm. Meanwhile, one of the areas most affected by the phenomenon is that of … Read more

You have never eaten such delicious pickles: one ingredient will give a perfect taste

Cucumbers – extremely useful vegetable. They contain a large amount of water, so by eating cucumbers we can prevent the loss of fluids. Cucumbers also contain vitamins K and C, magnesium, potassium, manganese, almost no carbohydrates and fats, so they can be enjoyed several times a day. The fibers in cucumbers prolong the feeling of … Read more

It causes cancer, impairs heart health, destroys immunity! It is consumed because it is healthier, but it is poisonous! If eaten even once…

Microwave Popcorn Popcorn is a relatively healthy snack, but the inappropriate way to pop it is detrimental to health. Stating that there is a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in microwave bags, experts said that many studies have shown that PFOA consumption can cause kidney, bladder, liver, pancreatic and testicular cancers.

A famous Egyptian artist was killed because of money and her corpse was eaten by wolves in the mountain .. See who she is! (Shocking photo and details)

The audience did not know her except through one role with the artist Najib Al-Rihani in the movie “Salamah fi Khair”, which left a clear imprint as a comedian despite her short role and the lack of her dialogue scenes. She is the artist Amina Zhni. In the film “Salamah fi Khair” written by Badi’ … Read more