Coronavirus. Infection worries after breaking into Ecatepec hospital: López-Gatell

With 89 more deaths than this Friday, Mexico adds 2,061 deaths from Covid-19reported Hugo López –Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion. Regarding positive cases, he mentioned that until this Saturday 22 thousand 088 are counted, of which 6 thousand 580 are active; that is, they are the ones that contribute to new infections. … Read more

Patient’s family agreement with Covid-19 and Ecatepec hospital

Directors of the Hospital de Las Américas and at least eight relatives of the hospitalized patients reached an agreement, reason why both senses of the Central Avenue were released. After the disagreement by a group of people who were waiting outside the hospital and who did not receive information about their family members, they received … Read more

Clandestine parties continue in Ecatepec despite pandemic

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic contingency, youth scheduled five clandestine parties in the municipality of Ecatepec. Photo: Ángeles Velasco ECATEPEC, State of Mexico Despite contingency for Covid-19 pandemicyouth scheduled five clandestine parties at Ecatepec municipality, so the government had to cancel them, although many of the attendees showed resistance. It may interest you: They close a … Read more

5 clandestine parties in Ecatepec dismantled in the middle of Phase 3 by Covid-19

After several complaints, the government of Ecatepec dismantled five clandestine parties that were held in different neighborhoods of the town, in the middle of Phase 3 of the health contingency by the coronavirus. One of the celebrations was held on public roads, where nearly 200 young people gathered in the Llano de los Báez neighborhood, … Read more