Man versus machine – Retro shooter “Echo Point Nova” in the first trailer

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The new work of Steam cooperative shooting adventure “Echo Point Nova” demonstrates the high-speed sliding shovel walking and shooting method to defeat the mecha mercenary group | 4Gamers

Greylock Studio, the development team of the shooting game “Severed Steel” that can’t be reloaded, released its latest shooting game “Echo Point Nova”. On the Steam platform, the release date is undecided. “Echo Point Nova” is a first-person shooter game. The background describes that the player’s spaceship was shot down on the Echo Point planet, … Read more

ECHO BUNDESLIGY: Hložek decided, top. I didn’t count on Hoffenheim at the bottom

“Leverkusen beat Bremen 3:2. A thrilling match and a deserved winner. Adam Hložek scored a beautiful decisive goal with his head and overall gave a quality performance. He already played very well against Ferencváros in the Europa League, now he just continued with the flavor of the goal. Top. I will also wait for the … Read more

03.03.2023. There were also growing industrial sectors, Lithuanian Echo

Tadas Povilauskas Economist The results of industrial production in January were weak, but unexpectedly, very good retail sales data surprised. However, such a trend, where exporting industries are weakening and consumption is strengthening, is unlikely to be sustainable. Industry and processing production continued to decline the most due to the problems of fertilizer producers. In … Read more

Here’s the new map for Halo Infinite – Season 3: The Inner Echo

Next week is a good one to get back to Halo Infinite becauseSeason 3: Echoes Withinstarted and introduced a lot of new content. By far the most important things are the three maps; Chasm and Cliffhanger (Arena), and finally Oasis (Big Team Battle). Here’s 343 Industries’ multiplayer level designer Cliff Schuldt at Halo Waypoint How … Read more

JPMorgan Bank: US stocks are rising on the echo of negative news…but that will not last

JPMorgan believes that bad news has become good news for the stock market recently, but this trend will not become the norm for long. According to Dubrovko Lakos, chief US equity strategist at JPMorgan, stocks have recently ignored bad economic news to record gains. He added: However, we do not see that this relationship will … Read more

Amazon explodes the price of its new Echo Dot connected speaker and offers it for less than 40€

Barely out, the 5th generation Echo Dot is displayed at a bargain price. If you dream of a connected speaker, now is the time to treat yourself. To read laterSavedFollow #shopping#shopping Tracking Big promo on the Echo Dot: -41% Non, we are not in the middle of Black Friday or during sales. But Amazon is … Read more

Amazon Echo in comparison: the smart speakers can do that

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The new Echo Dot 5 speaker at a bargain price with our selection of the day

Today we highlight the Echo Dot 5 connected speaker with two Hue bulbs that benefit from a promotion on the Amazon site. The Echo Dot sees its new version released which benefits from better audio quality. Like the previous models, it is compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi (Matter) technologies. It is possible to see the … Read more

Echo Show and Meta Portal

The arrival of home automation in homes is happening at breakneck speed, at the same time that many users are unaware of how this type of technology is blending into their homes. A clear example is video call devices with an integrated assistant, which are helping many older people to communicate with their loved ones. … Read more