The headquarters of MR, PS and Ecolo attacked by militants: call for the closure of Liège airport

A few dozen young activists carried out actions in Brussels on Friday in front of the three seats of the majority parties of the Walloon government (PS, MR and Ecolo) in order to call on them to oppose the renewal of the operating permit for Liège airport. , which should be decided at the start … Read more

€30,000 for all Belgians aged 25: a “cry of alarm” in the face of youth inequalities for Ecolo

This is a proposal that is still in draft form but it is already widely debated. Ecolo announced a week ago that it wanted to give €30,000 to all young people aged 25 to support and accompany them in order to get started in life.This idea would be financed by a new tax on the … Read more

Philippe Henry (Ecolo) at Jeudi en Prime: in Wallonia, “there are too many cars and we use them too much”

More expensive to buy, electric vehicles are also heavier, due to the weight of their batteries. Won’t the future new Walloon automobile taxation which will favor light vehicles over heavier ones risk making owners of electric cars pay more? The new Walloon automobile taxation “will only concern new registrations”, specifies Minister Henry. But, he adds, … Read more

“A hundred thousand people taxed for the benefit of 5 million others”: PS and Ecolo have the richest in their sights

In response to the explosion in the cost of energy and raw materials, the PS proposes to tax the biggest fortunes and the excessive profits made by companies. On the waves of the First, the president of the PS Paul Magnette affirmed Thursday morning that five of the seven parties of the Vivaldi coalition were … Read more

Universal allowance is back on the table: the MR wants 1000 euros for everyone, the PS is not convinced, Ecolo doubts, the PTB does not make it a priority

The concept of assigning a monthly income to each Belgian adult is discussed in politics. When the cost of living continues to rise, all eyes turn to the state, waiting for the federal government to come up with a new solution. After the VAT reductions, energy vouchers, social tariffs or even food parcels, it is … Read more

The Le Public theater in court for unpaid Covid aid, its director accuses Ecolo of clientelism

Sarah Schlitz: “The university is fertile ground for the entrenchment of sexual and gender-based violence” Invited to La Première, Secretary of State Sarah Schlitz (Ecolo) returned to the sexual assault scandals that are shaking Belgian universities, but also to the new sexist incident to which Ursula von der Leyen was the subject. , the President … Read more

Georges-Louis Bouchez: “Is Ecolo ready to pull the plug on a government in such troubled times just to enforce a dogma?”

For five days today, Russian forces, commanded by Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine. ” Initially, we are talking about a minority of Russians in the Donbass and in the end we end up with an invasion of the whole of Ukraine “, begins Georges-Louis Bouchez. ” The United States had the best intelligence. What is incomprehensible … Read more

The commitment of the next Consultation Committee? The corona barometer on code orange, but MR and Ecolo even want to go a step further

A switch to code orange. That is the aim of the next Consultation Committee, perhaps next week. If the barometer then turns orange, even the nightclubs may reopen. Ecolo and MR even go a step further. Hannes Heynderickx Yesterday at 03:00

Maxime Prévot shoots “the aberration of the numerus clausus”: “PS, Ecolo, MR give it a layer”

Since the start of the pandemic, the CDH has opted for a marked and intransigent position on health issues. It is for example the only one to demand the vaccination obligation for all adults. “We can even extend a vaccination scheme in stages, starting with those over 50. But the debate must take place”, insists … Read more

Culture protest action: Écolo calls for the revision of the measures for closing cinemas and theaters

“This measure, isolated, is not coherent. It is important to recall the fundamental role of a party like ours which is also to move the lines, even when it is difficult and delicate. Democracy is also based on the right to question decisions taken by majority partners, especially when a decision does not seem relevant. … Read more