Lidl’s most ecological and efficient coffee maker. It works without electricity!

Preparing coffee in the morning is a custom that most of us have. However, in an era marked by the crisis energeticmany users are looking for minimize consumption electric of your home, and this also includes the coffee maker. But Lidl has a most practical solution, a Parkside brand coffee maker that works without power. … Read more

Russian occupiers are provoking an ecological disaster in Kherson region

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix/LETA Russian troops are provoking an environmental disaster in Ukraine’s Kherson region by blowing up vessels in the Dnieper River, which leads to oil and fuel pollution of the river, said Yaroslav Yanushevich, head of the military administration of the Kherson region. “The occupiers are blowing up watercraft and ships near the piers of … Read more

Zakia Khattabi at Jeudi en Prime: “We weren’t prepared, we didn’t invest enough in the (ecological) transition”

We see it today with the increase in energy bills and the increase in the cost of living in general, households are led to make choices that do not necessarily go in the direction of ecological transition. Coal, oil and wood heaters are reused, for example. Does this mean that the interests of the planet … Read more

New ecological aberration in Qatar: shuttle planes every ten minutes to bring supporters to meetings

While many voices are raised to criticize the World Cup in Qatar, ecological aberrations accumulate. This Tuesday, RMC Sport tells us that the neighbors of the Gulf country will set up a system of daily shuttles. Objective: to transport the very many supporters to the stadiums… before having them return by plane after the match. … Read more

“Let us learn from the gentleness of plants!”. Ecological madness at the meeting of the Pope with young people

Last week, the Holy Father met with young people in Assisi to discuss the attempt to “rebuild” the prevailing economic system. The conclusions from the conference “The Economy of Francis” were sent to the Pope’s profile on the Twitter social network. In one of the entries, the pope encouraged to “learn gentleness from plants,” claiming … Read more

Sheet detergent: the viral method to wash in an ecological way and that is now in Chile | Grades

A sheet detergent, easy to use and without any plastic, is the proposal of the Chilean startup Bulle, which joins a new international trend, especially strong among young people, regarding preferring alternatives that are biodegradable and ecological. Perhaps you have seen in viral videos on TikTok and other social networks a very peculiar detergent, but … Read more

the ecological & solidarity initiative of YSL Beauté

Located about forty kilometers from Marrakech, the Ourika Collective Gardens were created to source the ingredients used by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and carry out a social and environmental program in the valley. Thus, in 2021, 15 exclusive ingredients are sourced sustainably in the Gardens. And by 2025, the brand announces that 100% of its … Read more

Zero says Spain is drying up rivers in Portugal and asks for ecological flows – Observer

The environmental association Zero warned this Friday that Spain is drying up Portuguese international rivers, with the Douro the most affectedand defended the need to define ecological flows capable of ensuring the conservation of ecosystems. The situation caused by the drought in the Tagus and in all international rivers “should lead the governments of Spain … Read more