Viruses could reshuffle the carbon cycle in a warming world

They are everywhere around us. Viruses. And beyond the health risk they pose to us, they could also have an effect on the carbon cycle. An effect that is all the more important to assess in the context of global warming. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Carbon neutrality: what is it really? Many … Read more

ChatGPT craze …. Will it cause a change in the new drug development ecosystem?

[헬스코리아뉴스 / 이충만] ‘ChatGPT’, an interactive open artificial intelligence (AI) that presents human-like responses in 5 seconds in various fields such as finance, law, and public domain, is attracting attention worldwide. Along with the optimistic prospects of a ‘revolution’ in the human office space, growing concerns about privacy leaks and the spread of fake news … Read more

Agence e-santé: eHealth services, at the heart of the health ecosystem

Posted10 avril 2023, 00:00 e-health agency: eHealth services, at the heart of the health ecosystem The main mission of the eSanté Agency is to facilitate the sharing and exchange of patient health data between healthcare professionals involved in their healthcare journey. The various eHealth services thus facilitate the follow-up and coordination of your medical care, … Read more

[보니하니]‘M2 Mac mini’ Should we enter the Apple ecosystem at a reasonable price?

Apple Mac mini./Photo = Reporter Yujin Baek byj@ This is an era where smart electronic products are overflowing. We already use a lot of electronic devices in our lives, but tomorrow, next month, and next year we will meet new products again. ‘Boni Hani’ is a hands-on experience that aims to share the experience of … Read more

Therefore, a unique ecosystem in Mauritius is in the danger zone

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have investigated the effects more closely and their results have been published in the journal Nature Communications. The seed spreaders disappear The entry of Europeans into Mauritius already at the beginning of the 17th century has left deep traces, which today threaten the fragile ecosystem on the island. Just … Read more

There’s Another Life Deep Below the Earth’s Surface

Jakarta – Beneath our feet, deep in the depths of our planet, lies an immense, colossal ecosystem teeming with life. In recent years, an international team of scientists has uncovered how billions upon billions of microorganisms live thousands of kilometers beneath the surface Earth. Presenting their findings at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical … Read more

Mozilla established a new startup company “”, with the goal of establishing a trustworthy, independent and open source artificial intelligence ecosystem- mashdigi-Technology, New Products, Interests, Trends

With more and more artificial intelligence technology applications being introduced, Mozilla announced the establishment ofStartup called Mozilla.aiplans to establish a trustworthy, independent and open source artificial intelligence ecosystem through the form of community, and invests 30 million US dollars in funds, aiming to create a safe and transparent automatic generation artificial intelligence application technology. Just … Read more

OMODA develops user ecosystem with new lifestyles and concepts

Wuhu, China (OTS/PRNewswire) – As lifestyles in general have changed, the demands of vehicle users have become more diverse, creating a new group of users who no longer need traditional passenger cars or SUVs, but vehicles with the space of an MPV, the chassis of an SUV and the maneuverability of an SUV car. They … Read more

The National Assembly hardens the tone with regard to the crypto ecosystem

With 109 votes against 71, the National Assembly voted in favor of a stricter regime for the supervision of crypto companies in France, which will come into force from July. After weeks of intense debate, fueled by the fall of the giant FTX, it’s confirmation. This Tuesday, the deputies of the National Assembly voted 109 … Read more