Edgar Weggelaar appointed Director of the Tourism Innovation Global Summit

Tourism Innovation Summit, the technological forum for tourism innovation to be held in Seville from November 25 to 27, has appointed Edgar Weggelaar as Director of its congress. Weggelaar is responsible for the three-day agenda in which more than 300 international experts will address the keys to the tourism sector in the post-Covid-19 era. With […]

Utopia case: Édgar Paz arrived in Lima after being extradited from Mexico to serve his sentence

Businessman Edgar Paz Ravines He arrived in Lima this Saturday afternoon, after being extradited from Mexico to serve the four years in prison that was imposed for the death of 29 young people in a fire at the Utopia nightclub, on July 20, 2002. Upon arrival, the exactionist of the missing Utopia nightclub He went […]

Edgar Kreilis is releasing a new and sonic single Between Us / Day

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Atlas. Edgar Zaldívar suffered a torn ligament and a meniscus injury

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 01.09.2020 22:44:23 Edgar zaldivar, a player who was impressed by the crying and screaming he released after injuring himself on Atlas al Lion, you should stop about six months after it was confirmed that you suffered a anterior ligament tear of the right knee. When it comes to a serious […]

Listen! Edgar Kreil has a new song ‘Between us’

The local singer offers his listeners a new song “Between us”. In addition, he has adopted his surname Kreilis as his stage name. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “This song is about feelings, emotions and experiences. Especially in this age of technology and social platforms, each of us needs something that will remain […]

Edgar Fruitier is guilty of two counts of indecent assault

The plaintiff, whose identity is protected by a court order, accused Mr. Fruitier of having touched his genitals on three occasions between 1974 and 1976, when he was a teenager. The representations on the sentence in this case will take place on October 9. Aged 90, Edgar Fruitier is liable to 10 years in prison. […]

Fame: El Chavo del 8 | Édgar Vivar, the remembered ‘Señor Barriga’, and a photo

Despite his long artistic career, Edgar Vivar will always be remembered by fans of ‘Chavo del 8‘ as ‘Mr. Belly‘, the neighborhood owner who got into more than one predicament when he visited to collect rent from his tenants. From time to time, the Internet surprises us with some of its unpublished photos or videos. […]