Published controversial article: – Editor refuses to show up

In connection with the tabloid newspaper Daily Mails scandalous article about Labor Party deputy Angela Rayner, editor David Dillion has been asked to meet with Lower House Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle – to discuss the press’ use of anonymous sources and consideration for “feelings and family”. The article contains shocking accusations against Rayner, who, according … Read more

Long-time editor of Echo Moskvy: Putin twice asked me what place he would take in history textbooks

“The country was knocked back in every sense, it was knocked back 40 years ago for me,” Venediktov, who has worked for Echo Moskvy since its inception in the 1990s and led it for two decades under Vladimir Putin, ruled before the president. months to send troops to Ukraine. “Now we have around 1983 … … Read more

Joseph Kahn is the new editor of the New York Times-

from Andrea Marinelli Kahn, 57, who has been promoted to the Times since 1998, was widely anticipated. The future editor represents the traditional values ​​of the New York newspaper but at the same time called to lead an editorial staff in profound transformation Geopolitics and digital development: Joseph Kahnthe new director of the New York … Read more

Sony and Lego pump $1 billion each into ‘Fortnite’ editor

Posted12 avril 2022, 13:21 The PlayStation maker is teaming up with Kirkbi to invest heavily in Epic Games, video game publisher and designer of the Unreal Engine. A North American player follows a fleeting spectacle in ‘Fortnite’. Epic Games’ game already offers activities that are similar to a metaverse. Getty Images via AFP The Japanese … Read more

Novaya Gazeta editor in support of Ukraine sloppy on the train – Abroad – News – TVNET

“He [uzbrucējs] shouted, “Muratov, it’s for you guys!” Muratov tells the story of “Novaya Gazeta. Yevropa”, which was founded by journalists from Novaya Gazeta, who had to leave Russia due to repression. Muratov won his Nobel Peace Prize medal returned to the fundwhich provides assistance to Ukrainian refugees, who will be able to auction it … Read more

Rolls-Royce Cullinan as an expedition terrain. The editor offers an interesting conversion

The German company Delta4x4 is mainly engaged in the production of off-road parts and car modifications in order to make them even more capable in the field. It freshly boasted a modification of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The landscaping of the luxury SUV was originally created at the request of an unnamed customer from the Arabian … Read more

Age of Empires 4 with new content. Map editor, new challenges, fixes

This will not be a typical update that fixes minor bugs. Yes, the game balance will also be improved, however, this is not the main course, because the creators want to serve something special. This is the trailer. The content will go into the hands of players along with a new event – Festival of … Read more

Former Channel One editor Ovsyanikov demands lifting of sanctions against Russia – Abroad – News

This is evidenced by a statement on Ovsyanikov’s website. When it caused a wave of outrage, she deleted the text attached to it. “Rusophobia is unacceptable. The Russian people do not have to take collective responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine. The blame for this lies solely with Vladimir Putin,” Ovsyanikov wrote. She explained … Read more

“There must be an end to this fraternal war”; Former editor of First Channel Ovsyanikov calls on Russians to stand up to war

Former Russian First Channel editor Marina Ovsiannikova, who dared to show an anti-war poster in a live television broadcast, called on other Russians to oppose the horrific war in Ukraine in an interview with the US media on Sunday. After the incident, Ovsyanikov resigned. It has already been reported that on Monday night in the … Read more

A Russian TV editor protesting before the war urges the Russians not to remain silent

As is known, Marina Monsianikova, the editor of the First Channel, broke into the studio last Monday during the most watched news program of the evening, Vremia, holding a poster with the words “No to War”. She was later detained in Moscow and soon fined 30,000. rubles (260 euros) fine. Despite being released, the woman … Read more