Eduardo Duhalde considers that the judicial reform project “is a serious mistake”

The former president, in fluid contact with Alberto Fernández, understands that it is necessary for Congress to vote on transparency or anti-corruption laws. Last modification: August 20, 2020, 5:20 p.m. Dialogue of Duhalde with President Fernández / In recent times, the President of the Nation Alberto Fernández maintained contacts with Eduardo Duhalde. They have a … Read more

“Duhalde is totally clueless about what Argentina is today”

BUENOS AIRES CITY (ANDigital) The national deputy of the Frente de Todos, Leopoldo Moreau, went to the crossroads of the former president’s statements Eduardo Duhalde, who slipped that there would be favorable conditions for a coup in our country. (#Irresponsible–#Video ??️????) @EduardoADuhalde questioned the # Elections2021 and spoke of a possible #Coup – … Read more

Duhalde on the crisis: “It is the fault of all of us who govern”

Related news On the eve of the 75th anniversary of October 17 and from the monument to Juan Domingo Peron, The team of RePerfilAr contacted the former president Eduardo Duhalde, who gave his opinion on the current political, social and economic situation in the country. “It’s silly to fight like boys when Argentina is in … Read more

Aberto Fernández replied to Eduardo Duhalde through a retweet

August 26, 2020 – 10:27 “There will be no elections because Argentina is the champion of military dictatorships,” Duhalde had launched. President Alberto Fernández has not yet ruled on the controversy generated by former president Eduardo Duhalde about the possibility of a coup, although he took advantage of a tweet from a very close official … Read more

Taty Almeida called Duhalde’s statements “unusual and repudiable”

FEDERAL CAPITAL (ANDigital) The reference of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founder Line, Dad Almeida, questioned the claims of the former president Eduardo Duhalde about a forthcoming breakdown of the democratic order that will prevent the legislative elections next year. “Total repudiation of the words of this individual. Unfortunately, he has been a constitutional president, … Read more

Eduardo Duhalde: “I don’t regret it, an anarchy comes with the smell of blood”

Eduardo Duhalde He generated political commotion this Monday, August 24, by saying that there will be no legislative elections in 2021 due to a possible “coup.” After your statements generated repudiation of the ruling party, the former president ratified his position on Tuesday and anticipated that “Anarchy comes with the smell of blood.” “I say … Read more

Duhalde asked for order within the Government: “Alberto can get Cristina a red card”

Related news Thursday 11 June, 2020 To the former president Eduardo Duhalde it was enough to send a message through social media so that Argentine politics would observe it again. The message pressing the president Alberto Fernández to “solve” the conflict with the grain producer Vicentin reached the ears of the president. Thus, the leader … Read more

One by one, all those who responded to Duhalde

Santiago Cafiero, Chief of Staff: “The statements are inappropriate relationships. I have great respect for the former president. What we do want to express is that Argentina has already decided many years ago to live in a democracy to bet on the democratic regime,” remarked the coordinating minister of Alberto Fernández’s cabinet. And he continued: … Read more

Amid Duhalde’s sayings, the Electoral Chamber prepares the 2021 elections

After statements by former president Eduardo Duhalde, who questioned the 2021 national elections for the possibility of “A coup,” the National Electoral Chamber reported, to the contrary, that it is working to organize the 2021 elections, with the particularity that now the sanitary conditions must also be considered by the coronavirus. This Tuesday, August 25, … Read more

Duhalde and Peronism | Profile

As an ancient Chinese proverb says, fish begins to rot on the head. Pavada has the head of former president Eduardo Duhalde, who has just reappeared to irrigate the burning fields of politics with gasoline. Duhalde, former deputy of Menem, former governor, former senator, he did not become president in 2002 by popular will, but … Read more