He left the royal family for her, she ended up cheating on him: Their story is being compared to Harry and Meghan! And the truth is that Edward regretted his decision years later…

Will Prince Harry regret his current decisions? It was supposed to be a fateful love, but years later it turned out to be one-sided. The story of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, who abdicated for her, is being compared by many to the story of Prince Harry and Meghan. Because of a divorced American … Read more

Edward Chen-Xu Weining Begging viewers to not miss the Lesson in Love series.

and on December 1st in Taiwan held a press conference to launch the series Officially, with Thai media attending this press conference in an online format. Both actors greeted the Thai media saying “Hello”, “Hello” and introduced himself and deposited his work. Forbidden Love Lesson (Lesson in Love) that is ready to be streamed together … Read more

Edward Snowden swore allegiance to Russia and received a passport

“Edward received a Russian passport yesterday and took the oath in accordance with the law,” lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said, according to Russian news agency Interfax. “He is of course happy, he thanks the Russian Federation for giving him citizenship,” he continued. “And most importantly, according to the Russian constitution, he can no longer be extradited … Read more

Prince Edward snatches title of duke over Princess Charlotte? “Charles wants to honor the line of succession” | royalty

After the death of Prince Philip, the title of Duke of Edinburgh passed to Charles, but now that the late Queen Elizabeth’s son has become king, the title is free again. It was then expected that Prince Edward would take over the title, but so far nothing has happened. Something that now also seems to … Read more

‘Prince Edward passed by Princess Charlotte in tribute to Queen’ | Royals

Charlotte has been third in line to the throne since Elizabeth’s death, after her father and brother George. The title of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the highest in the royal family. After the death of Prince Philip last April, the title, which Philip received from his father-in-law, automatically passed to … Read more

Princess Charlotte will be a duchess. He robbed great uncle Edward of his title

The new Duchess of Edinburgh will most likely be Princess Charlotte. It was originally thought that his youngest son, Edward, Earl of Wessex, would inherit the title from his late father, Prince Philip. But everything will probably be different. King Charles III is keeping the title of Duke of Edinburgh for his granddaughter Charlotte, writes … Read more

Storm Nicole: Prince Edward Island’s “perforated rock” collapsed

Already considerably weakened by Hurricane Fiona, a pierced rock that was the pride of Prince Edward Island National Park collapsed Sunday morning following the passage of Storm Nicole in the Maritimes. Located near Cavendish, on the north coast of the island province about thirty kilometers from Charlottetown, the rock formation of Mackenzie’s Brook has attracted … Read more

Edward Snowden has a conviction on the inventor of Bitcoin – Who (is) (not) Satoshi?

Faketoshi takes to insults – The whistleblower Edward Snowden himself participated in the creation of a crypto: Zcash (ZEC). He is therefore well placed to have an intuition on the personality of Satoshi Nakamotothe creator of Bitcoin (BTC). Even though, like all of us, Snowden doesn’t know who Satoshi is, he is on the other … Read more

He was turned down for Bond, wanted for Edward in Twilight, turned down The Witcher and is Superman again – it’s Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill’s career has been a strange series of missed opportunities and righteous envy among his fellow successes. The once chubby kid (in his own words) found his calling in front of the camera and although roles in Harry Potter and the James Bond films eluded him, he shone brightly in the sky when he … Read more

Edward Snowden Becomes Russian Citizen Page all

KOMPAS.com – Since 2013, former member of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, became a fugitive from the United States government. The reason is, he leaked the NSA’s wiretapping actions against citizens AS the internet. From then on, Snowden chose to run away and live under the protection of an asylum Russia. … Read more