Want to know how to effectively get DeFi-like returns by trading Bitcoin options?

I was recently struck by a Cointelegraph article that explained How Investors Can Earn 41% Annual Percentage Yield With Their Bitcoins without having to turn them into renBTC The WBTC. In the article, the writer presented a detailed case for generating such a return with Bitcoin holdings (BTC) investing in options markets instead of investing … Read more

KPMG launches blockchain to measure gas emissions more effectively – BeInCrypto

KPMG, the world-renowned company in the auditing sector, presents its new ecological review system based on blockchain patent pending. KPMG will use this infrastructure to more accurately measure, mitigate, report and offset its greenhouse gas emissions much more effectively thanks to the benefits of blockchain technology. The product called Climate Accounting Infrastructure (CAI) will be … Read more

Artificial pancreas manages to effectively control diabetes in pediatric patients

Caesar FuquenLatin Agency for News of Medicine and Public Health Clinical researchers in the United States discovered the efficacy of an artificial pancreas in monitoring and regulating glucose levels in blood of children aged six years and with type 1 diabetes. The clinical trial was conducted and funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and … Read more

The Indonesian government pays influencers Rp. 90 billion for policy dissemination, “waste money effectively?”

20 August 2020, 15:02 WIB Updated 7 hours ago Image source, SIGID KURNIAWAN / Antara Caption, Artists Cak Lontong (left) and Butet Kertaredjasa give press statements after meeting with President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/07). A number of artists, singers, social media activists, and artists visited the Palace to help … Read more

Eating Too Much Meat? 15 These Foods Effectively Lower Cholesterol

residents who are roasting beef satay on the feast of sacrifice. (F.dok fb / Special) Hulondalo.id – Eid al-Adha 1441 Hijri has just passed. Do, of course you, HL friend, have just consumed meat, especially the delicious beef, right? Satay, rendang, garo rica, broth soup, blackheads, and even soup sauce will be familiar at the … Read more

A 1000-year-old remedy capable of effectively removing antibiotic-resistant biofilms

As deadly bacteria become increasingly resistant to modern antibiotics, some researchers have turned to ancient medical manuscripts for clues and potential ways to fight these deadly bacteria. Now, it seems that a medieval ointment dating from around 1000 years ago could be effective where many modern antibiotics are starting to fail. “The ancient biotic,” as … Read more

Blood test effectively reveals cancer years before the first symptoms

The earlier the disease is detected, the better the prospects for a patient. Researchers have developed a new blood test that may detect certain types of cancer up to four years before the first symptoms appear. It is a promising test. Because it means that the chance of survival is a lot bigger. PanSeerThe new … Read more

In the national hockey team there was another change of coach

In the hockey team of Russia for the third time in two years the head coach was replaced. The new coach of the national team, as traditionally plays a significant role in its acquisition of the St. Petersburg SKA, was for many years effectively led the national youth team Valery Bragin. Released by Mr. Bragin … Read more