Obesity Increases the Risk of Death and Decreases the Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccine – Latest Pharmaceutical Information Based on Scientific and Practical

Pharmaceutical Magazine – Obesity could increase your risk of dying from the coronavirus by nearly 50% and could make vaccines less effective, according to a new, comprehensive study using global data. The findings, which the lead researcher described as “frightening” results, suggest that the risk of obese people is greater than previously thought. Pressure recommendations … Read more

Evidence of the effectiveness of MMR vaccination

Measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chickenpox) are viral infectious diseases that can lead to fatal complications and permanent impairment. Even today, measles is one of the most common causes of death in children worldwide. Rubella is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, as it increases the risk of miscarriages or damage to the unborn child. Vaccinations … Read more

The Russian virologist named the condition for the effectiveness of population immunity: Society: Russia: Lenta.ru

For the effectiveness of population immunity, at least 50 percent of the population of Russia must be vaccinated. This condition was named by the virologist, professor at the Gamaleya Center Anatoly Altshtein, reports Medvestnik. Altstein drew attention to the fact that there are many people in Russia who are unreasonably opposed to vaccinations, which may … Read more

Coronavirus: Australia wants to make the vaccine mandatory – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 19 – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morriison said he wanted to make the vaccine against Covid-19 mandatory, after his government signed an agreement with the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca to acquire the drug under development at the research laboratories of the University of Oxford. The BBC reports, noting that the researchers hope … Read more

Covid-19: WHO is in contact with Moscow to assess the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine

According to media reports, President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that Russia has developed the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, after less than two months of testing in humans. “We are in close contact with the Russian health authorities and discussions are underway regarding a possible prequalification of the vaccine by theWHO WHO spokesperson … Read more

A study compares the effectiveness of different types of masks: bandanas very little recommended

FFP2 reduces droplet transmission by more than 99.9% while FFP2 stops 90%. LSurgical masks stop more than 90% of the droplets emitted by speech, according to a comparative study of 14 types of masks which concludes that bandanas and fleece neck warmers are the least effective. For this experiment published by Science Advances on August … Read more

Video: Moncef Slaoui announces a vaccine against the coronavirus at 90% effectiveness

Since his last appearance during the presentation of the programme Warp Speed , Moncef Slaoui had disappeared from radar, probably too busy accomplishing the mission assigned by US President Donald Trump: develop a vaccine against this damn Coronavirus. Publicity According to information reported by le360, the Moroccan researcher appeared in a television interview this Thursday … Read more

Simple Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Masks

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Face mask now become part of your daily life in the midst of the plague corona virus. The use of masks is not just styles to follow trends, but the most important thing is, effectively ward off foreign objects into the body. The filter power of each type of mask is … Read more

Coronavirus | United States Begins Trial with 30,000 Volunteers to Test Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccine

The biotech company Modern, in collaboration with the Government of U.Sbegan one of the world’s largest trials on Monday to test the effectiveness of an experimental vaccine against COVID-19 in 30,000 volunteers, who will be recruited in 89 places in the country. This is the first experimental vaccine outside of China which reaches this critical … Read more

In China, tested the effectiveness of the vaccine against coronavirus. Reedus

Phase II of a recombinant COVID-19 vaccine based on an adenoviral vector has been completed in China. The study involved 503 people with an average age of 39.7 years. According to the head of the vaccine development team, Academician Chen Wei, the volunteers included several people aged 18 to 44, 45 to 54, and people … Read more