Teenagers in Siberia found a newborn in an egg box. Outside it was -20 degrees Celsius

When the teenagers found the baby, it was in an egg box. The girl was covered with a blanket and there was also a bottle in the box. The newborn was threatened with death – outside the temperature reached -20 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the quick reaction of the teenagers, the child was taken to … Read more

Prices of Sugar and Cooking Oil Rise, Trade Minister Lutfi: All of these Headaches

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Recently, the prices of several food commodities are experiencing an increase. Starting from chilli cayenne until cooking oil. The price increase also made the Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi and his staff have a headache. “This is a lot of work again. One pack is OK, Director General of Domestic Trade, another … Read more

Meat and egg shortage fears, after stores reported ’empty shelves’ in the US.

One of the largest free-range egg producers in the US reported staffing problems for about a year. Photo: Monserrat Soldú / Pexels Various American supermarkets they are reporting “empty shelf” incidents as fears about a looming meat and egg shortageIt’s amid a surge in Omicron cases. Food chains have been one of the first to … Read more

This robot is ‘soft’ with AI so that it can move eggs up to microchips

NewsBulukumba – World robotics increasingly havetouch man‘ and is proved by a robot really ‘slick’ and smart. Work technology this will bring as well artificial intelligence (TO THE) on its ‘head’, weighing just under two and a half pounds and measuring eight and a half inches. And robot able to move microchip and egg with … Read more

5 Foods Better Than Collagen Supplements, There’s Meat to Egg Whites

JAKARTA, celebrities.id – Collagen is the substance that holds the body together. These structural proteins act as the building blocks of your bones, teeth, muscles, skin, joints and connective tissue. It also supports the appearance of a smooth and youthful skin. Hence, some people choose to take collagen supplements to have smooth and youthful skin. … Read more

“Baby Yingliang” – Superbly Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Found Inside an Oviraptorosaur Egg

Genesis Bank is only four months old, but it is already doing something few banks of its size have done: creating a small business accelerator, the Genesis Bank Institute of Entrepreneurship. It’s a new concept for serial entrepreneur Stephen Gordon, who founded two more banks before Genesis opened in Newport Beach, California, on August 4. … Read more

The Cause of Unreasonable Egg Prices Reaching IDR 30 Thousand Per Kilogram, Many Chicken Breeders Roll Mats

TribunSolo.com Reporter, Tri Widodo TRIBUNSOLO.COM, BOYOLALI – The price of chicken eggs in various regions, including in Boyolali Regency, currently reaches Rp. 30 thousand. The price, arguably the highest increase in the history of the egg world. Investigate a calibaration, the skyrocketing price of chicken eggs is not without reason. The number of laying hens … Read more

Of course, egg liqueur was involved, why the panic?

In Charlotte Lindholm’s new “Tatort” case, she meets panic rocker Udo Lindenberg at the Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg. The main actress Maria Furtwängler also acted as a producer. SRF/NDR/Frizzi Kurkhaus The «Spiegel» magazine travels to the new crime scene of Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm with Udo Lindenberg. In the quick check, there is only 1 out … Read more

They find a fossil dinosaur embryo preserved in its egg!

Enzo Campetella Meteored Argentine here 5 min Image de l’embryon d’oviraptorosaure “Baby Yingliang” The discovery is truly disturbing and unprecedented! The fossil of a baby dinosaur nestled perfectly inside its egg also sheds light on the connections between dinosaurs and birds. According to CNN, the 70-million-year-old fossil preserves the embryonic skeleton of an oviraptor dinosaur, … Read more

5 Benefits of Egg Whites for Health, from Losing Weight to Good for the Heart

North Sulawesi portal – Not many people know, it turns out egg whites useful for health. Egg whites contain minerals and vitamins even in small amounts. Quoted from PMJNews, here are some benefits egg whites which you can get by consuming it. Also Read: 4 Myths About Health Turns Out To Be Wrong, About Fingers, … Read more