Workshop “Egg, Cocoa and Paintbrush” at Barcelonadraixa

ESDi will participate for the first time in the event Barcelona Draw with the workshop “Egg, Cocoa and Brush”, which will take place on October 25 at the Chocolate Museum. The workshop will be given by Dra. Maja Cecuk, Director of ESDi, and the illustrator and ESDi teacher Clàudia Santamaria. In it, Maja and Clàudia … Read more

“The effect sucks a whole egg from me”

The former ambassador to Peru criticized the former president for his statements about a possible coup in Argentina. 11:47 | Wednesday, August 26, 2020 | La Rioja, Argentina | Fenix ​​Multiplatform In times of pandemic and crisis, the former ambassador to Peru, Jorge Yoma, appealed to irony and humor to criticize Eduardo Duhalde’s statements about … Read more

Radeon RX 6000 getting closer. AMD hid an interesting Easter Egg in Fortnite

The hottest topic in the technology industry was the presentation of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics cards, but the Greens are not the only manufacturer working on the latest chips. That’s what it is AMD and Radeony RX 6000we are still waiting for their debut. A trace of new GPUs has been spotted in the … Read more

Rare find: dinosaur embryo intact in million years old egg | NOW

Paleontologists have found an 80 million year old dinosaur egg, containing an embryo that is exceptionally well preserved. Such finds are extremely rare, according to the discoverers in the scientific journal Current Biology. It would be the first time that an intact dinosaur embryo could be examined. The egg was found in the Argentinean part … Read more

7 Best Foods for Disease Healing Process

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Some foods can help the healing process from illness and after surgery. These foods can relieve inflammation, injury, infection, and improve immune function. Generally, these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, sources of antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats that can provide energy for recovery. Eating these foods can help the … Read more

Return from the realm of the dead. Scientists have a plan to rescue rhinos extinct in Malaysia

It is not even a year since the smallest and second rarest species of rhinoceros, the Sumatran rhinoceros, became extinct in Malaysia. But scientists now have a new plan to revive breeding in this Asian country. The female rhino Iman succumbed to cancer last November, after years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. The last male … Read more