The son of a famous Egyptian artist attacks Hussein Fahmy because of the Cairo Festival

A major crisis between two artistic families caused by the Cairo Film Festival, after the Egyptian artist Omar Hassan Youssef, the son of the famous Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef, went out to attack Hussein Fahmy, head of the Cairo Film Festival. The reason is due to Hussein Fahmy’s recent statements, in which he spoke about … Read more

Maha Al-Masry recalls her ‘Four Seasons’ home: Unforgettable memories

Syrian actress Maha Al-Masry recalled the house in which the series “The Four Seasons” was filmed 22 years ago. Salma Al-Masry shared, on her Facebook page, a video clip of the house, which she attached to the following comment: “The Four Seasons… Unforgettable Memories.” Followers interacted with the post, expressing their love for that work, … Read more

Will the Egyptian pound hold together after the arrival of the first tranche of financing from the IMF?

The Egyptian Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, expected The first installment of the IMF loan, amounting to about $750 million, was disbursed during the current month. Analysts and economists link the arrival of the first financing tranche from the International Monetary Fund, and the stability of the exchange market in Egypt, in light of the … Read more

The price of the Saudi riyal today, Monday 12-5-2022, against the Egyptian pound

We publish the price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound in banks operating in Egypt today, Monday 5-12-2022, registered in the National Bank of Egypt, a price of 6.51 pounds for purchase, and 6.53 pounds for sale, and in the Central Bank of Egypt, it recorded 6.52 pounds for purchase, and 6.54 pounds … Read more

The price of the dollar today, Sunday 4-12-2022, against the Egyptian pound

We publish the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound during morning trading in banks today, Sunday 4-12-2022, registered in the National Bank of Egypt 24.51 for purchase 24.56 pounds for sale, and in the Bank of Alexandria it recorded 24.56 pounds for purchase 24.61 pounds for sale, while the Central Bank of Egypt … Read more

A Sarokh housewife in a homemade galabia, an Egyptian farmer who reveals the taboo and shows a sensitive part of her entire body in order to search for fame and money.

A rocket housewife challenges the most famous dancers on the Tik Tok platform. During the past days, a video circulated, O Lord of a house. She published an unusual video on the Snapchat platform, showing parts of her body on this platform. The most famous dancers spoke. It appeared in this clip spread on the … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh… dazzles the followers with her beauty and amazes the audience with Gulf songs… Watch now

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – The Lebanese actress shared a video clip on her personal account on the social networking site Instagram, and she appeared in it singing a Gulf song. Nisreen Tafesh sings in KhalijiHer followers on social networking sites participated in a musical morning session with Gulf melodies, which is the first … Read more

An Egyptian girl is crying out to to save her…and the Ministry of Interior is moving

In an incident that was repeated frequently in the past few days, an Egyptian girl called on to save her from The fate of Naira Ashraf After her fiancé threatened her for refusing to complete the engagement and marriage. The girl, who resides in the city of Ismailia (eastern Egypt), called Naglaa, confirmed that … Read more

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior reveals the circumstances of the “naked person” video inside a school

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of what was circulated on social media, including that a mentally disturbed person terrorized students in a school in the Itay El-Baroud Police Station in Buhaira Governorate, Delta, Egypt. The Ministry of the Interior said in a statement today, Friday: “Within the framework of the efforts of … Read more