There are no fears of sanctions on the agreements with Jordan and Egypt

Gulf Dot: The United States has told Lebanon that it should have no concerns about US sanctions law regarding plans to receive energy supplies from countries in the region, according to the office of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Friday. A statement from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the US Ambassador to Lebanon, … Read more

Egyptian actress Somaya al-Khashab… Sherine Abdel Wahab was surprised after cutting her hair with this unexpected response and commented on her… Is this not an ordeal?

2022/01/15 It’s 07:30 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian artist, Somaya Al-Khashab, expressed the problem of the singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and her cutting her hair, after her separation from Hossam Habib, where she indicated that she was shocked when she saw her for the first time. Al-Khashab said: “I was shocked by … Read more

Currency rates today, Friday, 14-1-2022, in Egyptian banks

settled Exchange Rates Today, Friday 14-1-2022, in banks operating in Egypt against the Egyptian pound, due to the weekly holiday on Friday and Saturday, as the price of each of the dollar In front of the Egyptian pound, at a price of 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, and the Saudi riyal … Read more

Egyptian human rights organization dissolves itself after intimidation

In Egypt, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has dissolved itself. This is due to intimidation against the organization and concerns for the safety of employees. ANHRI was one of the last independent human rights organizations in the country. For eighteen years, the organization conducted research in Egypt into, among other things, freedom … Read more

Currency rates today, Thursday, 1/13/2022, in Egyptian banks

Currency prices varied against the Egyptian pound today, Thursday, 1/13/2022, at the beginning of morning trading in banks operating in Egypt, where the dollar price against the Egyptian pound recorded stability at 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, while the Saudi riyal settled at a price of 4.18 pounds for purchase. And … Read more

Currency rates today, Wednesday 12-1-2022 against the Egyptian pound

The prices of Arab and foreign currencies against the Egyptian pound varied today, Wednesday 12-1-2022, at the beginning of morning trading in Egyptian banks, where the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound was stable at 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, while the Saudi riyal was fixed at 4.18 pounds … Read more

“Emergency liquidity” aims to save Egyptian banks from stormy crises

Financial allocations for huge projects, including the administrative capital, have exacerbated debts (Ahmed Hassan/AFP) There were fears of exposure The Egyptian economy Violent tremors due to the regime’s policies based on greedy borrowing internally and externally, and in this context the Central Bank has taken decisions in order to avoid potential catastrophic repercussions on the … Read more

Exciting secrets and secrets from the life of the Egyptian movie star… She slapped the leader, Adel Imam, and betrayed her husband while he was in prison, and her life ended in a tragic way that no one would think of?

2022/01/11 10:00 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Laila Shaer, belongs to an artistic family, and her father worked as a sculptor and made a statue of King Farouk. He also worked in Ghoria, Her mother is a singer at the opera in Paris, but her love for Egypt made her move to … Read more

“4” The open channels that carry the African Nations Cup 2022

We show you our most important and recent visitors news details “4” open channels that carry the 2022 African Nations Cup | Nilesat Watch the teams of Algeria and Egypt today in the next article Omar Shuwail – Jeddah “4” open channels that carry the African Nations Cup 2022 | Nilesat watch the teams of … Read more

Watch .. The media, “Mofeed Fawzy” reprimands an Egyptian broadcaster on the air for not standing up to welcome him… and the latter responds

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian journalist, Mufeed Fawzy, presenter of the “Kalam Al-Nas” program broadcast on MBC Egypt, embarrassed the media, Yasmine Ezz, because she did not stand up to welcome him.Before the start of the dialogue, Mofeed Fawzi saluted the announcer, Yasmine, and said: “I thank you for the welcome and I have a note, … Read more