Infographic: Remittances of Egyptians abroad since the beginning of 2022

August 2022 recorded a decrease in conversions Egyptians Residents abroad, as the value of remittances amounted to 2.2 billion dollars, while it had reached 2.4 billion in July, and 2.8 billion in June. Remittances reached their highest level this year last March, with 3.3 billion.

Yasmine Sabry… With a bold look and a charming dress, she catches the eye on a cruise. Watch now

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – Yasmine Sabry published a group of photos, through her personal account on the photo-sharing application, Instagram, in which she appeared with an elegant look in white, and some considered that Yasmine Sabry’s look was bold compared to what she used to appear during the last period. And Yasmine Sabry … Read more

I wanted to sleep with this anthill and agreed to sleep with him

Thank you for reading the news about Without Shame .. I watch Yousra confesses: I wanted to sleep with this old man and agreed to sleep with him, and now with the details Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – The Egyptian star, Yousra, is one of the most prominent stars of Arab cinema, due to her … Read more

The first statement from the Minister of Finance about the demand for the Egyptians Abroad Cars initiative

In his first statement about the demand for the initiative to “facilitate the import of cars for personal use for Egyptians residing abroad,” the Egyptian Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, confirmed that the initiative has witnessed great demand since its inception, as within only 48 hours, 10,000 electronic accounts were registered on the digital platform … Read more

Hot confessions of an Egyptian actress..The leader ignited my madness and I slept with him more than my husband and got divorced because of a hot scene! (exciting details)

Riyadh – Mohamed Al-Atlassi – was able to place itself among the stars of art in Egypt, without prejudice to the presentation of bold seduction scenes in a number of its films. Many rumors followed her, including her son boycotting her, because of her bold actions, through her roles and clothes in those works. Noha, … Read more

Saudi Princess Nouf bint Muqrin and her brother “are treated like Egyptians” .. Sisi provokes interaction with a presidential decision

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to treat a Saudi princess and her brother as Egyptians in relation to owning an area of ​​land sparked wide interaction among activists on social media. The Official Gazette in Egypt published the decision, which read as follows: “HH Princess Nouf bint Muqrin … Read more

For Egyptians only.. Register now for the Qatar Airways job at Cairo Airport (details)

announced Qatar Airways About Qatar Airways Job at Cairo airportto fill the position of an Airport Services Duty in Cairo, to supervise and control the activities of flight handling, modification, check-in and boarding, and to ensure the highest level of service. reviews «for the Egyptian today» In the following lines details Qatar Airways job At … Read more

After the death of El-Deeb..the grave of the Mansoura student was opened and what they found in the income made thousands of Egyptians cry..Watch the great shock!

2022/10/29 It’s 08:15 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite A video was published on the famous YouTube video site regarding the Mansoura student, Naira Ashraf, who was killed by her boyfriend, Mohamed Adel, in conjunction with the death of Mohamed El-Deeb. And the clip was published entitled: They opened the grave of Naira Ashraf, a … Read more

Watch.. The heroine of the Bab Al-Hara series takes off her underwear and dances to a foreign song in a crude manner.. Watch (leaked video)

You are now following the news of the heroine of the Bab Al-Hara series, taking off her underwear and dancing on a foreign song in a crude manner.. Watch (leaked video) and now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – Social media accounts concerned with news of stars and art published a bold … Read more