Elden Ring has sold over 20 million copies

FromSoftware’s critically acclaimed Elden Ring continues to ship plenty of copies for Bandai Namco after launching just over a year ago.as the recentan investor reportAs pointed out, translated (thanks toResetEra), we can see that the RPG has now surpassed the 20.5 million copies milestone. The report states: “Repeat sales of existing titles such as Elden … Read more

“Ring of Elden” player’s dean appears in a trance like a Marenia flower, parasitic to death like a plant version of “Scarlet Corruption” | 4Gamers | LINE TODAY

Requires Corrupt Moss. messageImage_1682495510555 The most well-known boss “Marenia” in “Eirden’s Ring”, in the second stage, she will use the move “Scarlet Ionia” that releases scarlet corruption flowers. The fatal continuous damage makes people avoid it. However, it seems that we can also see the blooming of “scarlet flowers” in reality. Recently, a netizen on … Read more

FromSoftware wants to release games more often – Elden Ring – Gamereactor

acceptingEurogamerIn a recent interview with FromSoftware, FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao said the team working at the acclaimed development studio wanted to release the game more frequently. He said: “This is an area that we feel like we’ve been trying to achieve: always creating something new, always doing something original, something that we as players find fun … Read more

“Ring of Elden” Hutou brother finally completed the challenge of “All-female Valkyrie mode clearance”, all enemies are Marenia | 4Gamers

Elden Ring celebrity player “Let Me Solo Her” embarked on a different kind of Malenia-crazy journey last month, the Everything is Malenia challenge, and Imposing restrictions on himself, until recently he finally completed this magical journey. The full Valkyrie mode was last year’s player Bushy through「Item and Enemy Randomizer」The new mode modified by the modifier, … Read more

The streamer girl passed Elden Ring with the help of an EEG machine and even defeated Malenia

British-Canadian streamer Perri (Perri), also known under the pseudonym perrikaryal, who in January undertook to play the role-playing action with the open world Elden Ring using an electroencephalography (EEG) machine, brought the job to the end. Image Source: Steam (BLASTER) Recall that a portable device monitors the bioelectrical activity of the brain through electrodes on … Read more

Miyazaki further expands his legend and makes history by becoming one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2023 – Elden Ring

The popular Time magazine has named Miyazaki as one of the 100 most influential people of this 2023, something that only Miyamoto has achieved in the video game industry. April 13, 2023, 22:16 – Updated April 14, 2023, 10:30 Is a legend within the industry of video games, and the good news is that we … Read more

“Ring of Elden” After Malinia was defeated, “Deadly” continued to chase 3 players to death | 4Gamers

There is a meme in the Black Soul community that says FromSoftware games are full of “British Goodwill”, whether it is the “Dark Soul” series, “Sekiro” or “Elden Ring”, as long as you can get it It’s all goodwill from Yinggao that kills you, and the latest bug appeared on the Reddit forum, which caused … Read more

Elden Ring’s toughest boss just got a whole lot easier in new patch

Malenia is the toughest boss in Between the Lands. Although she’s optional, she kills more players than any other enemy in the game, and has some of the most devastating attacks of any FromSoftware game. However, in patch 1.09, there now appears to be an easy way to knock her down. As Reddit user jdyhrberg … Read more

Elden Ring: After 500 hours of play, it fulfills every gamer’s dream!

Seasoned Elden Ring players know this well: an adventure in Entre-terre is not easy. FromSoftware’s latest open world plunges its Shatterless into the heart of a fallen society, populated by creatures of all kinds and fearsome bosses. Since the game’s release in February 2022, tryhard fans have been delighting the community with ever crazier challenges. … Read more