The Wayward Realms, open-world RPG by Elder Scrolls veterans, reappears with trailer and details

It promises an open world on a scale never seen before, with great freedom and a history reactive to our actions. Do you remember The Wayward Realms? Already in February 2020 we will tell you about this new open world RPG Developed by veterans of The Elder Scrolls series, which is being sold as a … Read more

Jin Yaoyuan praises “elder sister” Zhang Zifeng’s good acting skills, child stars, brothers and sisters ABCD fit together and have love interaction_Children

Original title: Jin Yaoyuan praises “elder sister” Zhang Zifeng’s good acting skills, child stars, brothers and sisters ABCD fit together and interact with love Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Text) On July 18th, the children’s brother and sister ABCD appeared in Shanghai to attend the opening event of a summer theme pop-up store for a children’s … Read more

Fable 4 will be “light-hearted”, “British” and out before Elder Scrolls 6

© In the new interview, chapter Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed that the developers Fable 4 of Playground Games will retain the series’ signature “lighthearted” and “British” tone, and also announced that it will be released much earlier than Elder Scrolls 6. The first (and only) teaser trailer for the game suggested that Fable’s traditional humor … Read more

continue waiting! Todd Howard reveals the current development status of “The Elder Scrolls 6”-Bahamut

  《The Elder Scrolls 6″ is the first public R&D news in the 2018 E3 show, which has attracted high attention from players, but now three years have passed, “The Elder Scrolls 6″ There is no new news for a long time, so many players wait very impatiently. Todd Howard told the Daily Telegraph recently that … Read more

Look through the autumn water! “The Elder Scrolls 6” is still in the design stage | Game | New head shell Newtalk

“The Elder Scrolls 6”, which has been unannounced for 3 years, will be launched after “Starry Sky” is launched.Picture: Reversed from Bethesda Microsoft’s Bethesda’s “The Elder Scrolls 6″ has not announced new information for 3 years since its debut. The series producer answered the questions of the players in an interview yesterday (29), saying: ” … Read more

Elder withdraws the wrong granddaughter from the nest. Disciplinary assessments for the staff of the structure

An oversight that will have mortified the grandfather but which could have repercussions on the staff of a nursery in the province of Arezzo, where an elderly man was given a child. Too bad they handed the wrong granddaughter to the grandfather and that the man noticed it only once he reached the house. This … Read more

President Zeman’s controlled isolation as a case for a social worker? Elder abuse is a serious act

/ COMMENTARY / We have all noticed, with permission, that the President is not dizzying in any way. Denial at first glance of clear clues by celebratory reports of medical consultations, which only allow for difficulty walking, are funny for the average citizen. They cause more embarrassment and speculation in the public space than if … Read more

Is the Elder Scrolls 6 coming to PS5? Bethesda brings mysterious update

he is Sheikh Rolls 6 Coming to PS5 or will it be Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC exclusives like Starfield? Well, neither Bethesda nor Xbox would say that. And based on previous comments from the Xbox and Bethesda hierarchy, the door is still open for the game to make its way to … Read more

Xbox and Bethesda will jointly hold a game release event on 6/13. It may show news of “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “The Last Battle: Infinite” #ZeniMax Media (161925)

Microsoft is expected to announce the new “Halo: Infinity” of “The Last Battle”, as well as the updates of works including “Fables of Gods and Ghosts” and “Forza Motorsport”, while Bethesda is expected to announce that it contains ” “Starfield”, “The Elder Scrolls 6”, as well as the announcement of the upcoming “Indiana Jones” adaptation … Read more