SUS? Kindergarten? ‘Roof’? No, the subject is religion – 10/12/2022 – Vinicius Torres Freire

A second round campaign it began with the agitation of the “support” of politicians and people known to the candidates. Mostly political gossip, the topic has all but died. For at least a week now, the dominant conversation has been religion, as indicated by certain mud temperature measurements on social media and as heard in … Read more

Giorgia Meloni, between euphoria and responsibility. You already speak as prime minister with the usual worry: Salvini

In a moment of euphoria the usually measured Guido Crosetto compares Giorgia Meloni to Charles De Gaulle. He has just been hooked up by the French radio in a press room full of foreign newspapers, which asked him which French personality would approach it to make it understood by the French citizens. He realizes that … Read more

Paris warns Meloni. The premier speaks: “We will monitor abortion and human rights”

“The European Union has some values ​​to defend, such as abortion and human rights”. Thus the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to the microphones of RMC Radio. “While not wanting to comment on the democratic choices of the Italians”, which seem to lead Giorgia Meloni to become the first female minister of Italy, head of … Read more

The vote in the municipalities: in Ferriere and Morfasso the center-right is close to 70%

The center-right is the absolute winner of the 2022 political elections also in Piacentino. The data of the final results, with the coalition led by the Brothers of Italy at 52.53% in the Chamber of Deputies and 45.42% in the Senate, confirm and strengthen the national trend, attested to around 44%. A unanimous victory in … Read more

voting is no longer everyone’s right

Can Covid positives vote? The question is simple, the answer is not so simple: between Viminale circulars and prefectures and municipalities, which have moved in no particular order, tens of thousands of people tomorrow risk not being able to exercise their right to vote. In the first political elections since the outbreak of the pandemic, … Read more

Salvini and Berlusconi ruin Meloni’s last day of campaign

A few choirs, a few banners and an armored area, but nothing more. Other than social centers, Giorgia Meloni, on this closing day of the election campaign, has the problem at home. Indeed, there are two problems: one, bigger, was created by Silvio Berlusconi on Ukraine. The other, who seemed more manageable until the Lega … Read more

Giorgia Meloni on the cover of Stern is “the most dangerous woman in Europe”

The cover of the new issue of the German weekly Stern is dedicated to Giorgia Meloni, defined as “The most dangerous woman in Europe”. In the subtitle of the first it is written: “The post-fascist Giorgia Meloni can win the elections in Italy with the help of Putin’s friends – This would have extreme consequences … Read more

Piombino regasification plant: the color of the ship does not match the promontory

While Putin cuts the gas, bills explode and Italy is obsessively looking for methane, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage brings up the problem of the color of the boat. Another grain that adds to the opposition of the Melonian mayor of the Tuscan city. Meanwhile, time goes by September 20, 2022 at 2:10 pm

bomb in the urn – Libero Quotidiano

Roberto Formigoni September 19, 2022 What influence does foreign policy have on the elections, and on the subsequent behavior of the new government? A lot, it has always had a lot of it, even if the Italians know little about it and are not interested in it. But there was a time (the second post-war … Read more