A purely electric passenger plane has completed its first flight

The plane took off from Grant County International Airport in the US state of Washington and returned about eight minutes later. At its premiere, it reached a flight level of one kilometer, reports the Seattle Times. According to the Independent, it is the first all-electric aircraft designed for short commercial flights of up to 640 … Read more

Electricity, is it worth the free market or greater protection? The differences with the expensive bills

9/10 © IPA / Photogram “The Government intervenes immediately”Asked the National Consumers Union. “According to the latest Istat data available, for light, a family goes from +57.3 for the protected person to +135.9 for the free, more than double “Massimiliano Dona said again. “In short, the end of the protected market must be postponed not … Read more

We save electricity – the Czechia is preparing for mandatory five percent electricity savings in the hours with the highest consumption, which were agreed upon by the Union Ministers for Energy.

We save electricity The Czechia is preparing for mandatory five percent savings electricity in peak hours agreed by Union Ministers for energy. Domestic companies households have already started with electricity a by gas save by themselves.

Ž. Žvagulis – about 11 thousand. Electricity bill exceeding EUR: payment from royalties | Names

For the past two years, Žilvinas has been developing the šakotii business. In special ovens, shakočiai in Žilvinos bakery rotate 24 hours a day. According to the singer, the electricity bill for the month of August amounts to more than 11 thousand euros. “The only positive thing for me is that I still have concerts, … Read more

Bologna, protests against electricity and gas increases: bills burned in front of the Eni Store. A baker: “So I risk closure”

A bonfire of symbolically burned bills in front of the Eni Store headquarters in Bologna, in via Ugo Bassi, a stone’s throw from the Two Towers: is the initiative organized by the campaign “We Don’t Pay Emilia-Romagna”, promoted by groups of workers to protest against the increases in gas and electricity, “which we cannot afford … Read more

Bills, companies begin to cut electricity and gas: “Just skip a single installment, thousands of cases across the country”

Will it be a winter in the dark? What is certain is that the surge in bills it is not the only problem to be faced. In fact, it is accompanied by it cutting supplies, namely the sudden detachment from the network of defaulting customers by operators. An operation that, according to The print, would … Read more

Get ready: gas and electricity bills are already more expensive (see how much here)

1 out, 19:51 Prices on the gas bill, for free market customers, can rise up to 30 euros per month. So, if you haven’t made the switch to the regulated market, there’s still time. Despite also forecasting increases of 3.9%, the regulated market remains the cheapest option. As for electricity, if there are no forecasts … Read more

Electric cars: refueling with electricity is now more expensive than refuelling, both at home and at a public terminal!

Auto-motorcycleCritique Volkswagen ID car test. Buzz: The charm of the ID range! Some vehicles go through the ages as if time had no hold on them: launched in 1950, the Volkswagen Combi T1 is one of them. More than seventy years later, the charm still operates with its modern and electric reinterpretation: the ID.Buzz

Energy companies are pushing for an increase in monthly advance payments. It’s not worth it to many people

The data show that this is a big problem: Out of the total 15,000 submissions with which people turned to the ERO, almost a third of complaints are about excessive advances. Not all complaints are justified, but people should be careful about backups that are set too high. “We de facto give suppliers interest-free credit,” … Read more