As fuel costs rise, a major chipmaker is raising electricity prices

Taiwan in the industrial sector, including the largest in the world chips producer, for the first time in the island’s four-year history will be increased electricity the cost of energy, as the state utility company struggles to overcome the challenge of rapidly rising fuel costs. Related Articles 20 Most Expensive Cities in the World for … Read more

‘Enefit Green’ to start generating electricity at wind farm in northern Finland in autumn 2023

Tuesday, June 28, laid the cornerstone of a renewable energy companyEnefit Green ‘Tolpanvaara wind farm Finland in the north. It is planned that the park equipped with 13 wind turbines will start producing green energy at the end of next year, the company’s representatives inform. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Enefit Green currently … Read more

The heat blows up the electricity: blackout in the Aminei Hills

A blackout worried the hilly area of ​​Naples where there was no electricity for some time. In particular, the areas between viale Colli Aminei and via Nicolardi were affected. According to an initial assessment by the technicians, it may have been the strong heat wave that caused the failure. Indeed, in reality there could even … Read more

Electricity bonus for households – Vorarlberg today from June 24th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

Regional | Vorarlberg today Electricity bonus for households From July 1st, households that are customers of illwerke/vkw will benefit from a Vorarlberg electricity bonus. EUR 40 will be automatically deducted from the next statement, and EUR 120 will be credited to low-income households. There is also a special dividend.

Between a drop in electricity production and an increase in consumption, winter promises to be tense

This Sunday, the leaders of the three French energy companies TotalEnergies, EDF and Engie, in a joint forum, called on the French to “immediately” reduce their energy consumption, at the risk of finding themselves faced with a shortage and soaring prices. This alert, officials of the Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) d ‘Occitania echoed this during … Read more

Martynas Nagevičius: making money from electricity balancing is a new opportunity for consumers Business

Or temporarily turn off the refrigerators, allowing the temperature in the freezer to rise for a short one degree, knowing that this will not harm the products stored there, but in return for twice as much money as needed for subsequent extra refrigeration, lower the temperature in the freezer? Or, conversely, would you agree to … Read more

PLN will increase electricity tariffs as of July 1, 2022, the following groups are subject to tariff adjustments

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – PLN will increase electricity tariffs as of July 1, 2022. This tariff increase only applies to households with power above 3,500 Volt Ampere (VA) and the ruling class. Quoted from, details increase this rate is for household groups R2 and R3. Quantity increase that group is 17.63 percent. Baca: Residents are often … Read more

Estonia ready to build a nuclear reactor; it could produce about 25% of the electricity needed in the Baltics

The small modular nuclear reactor could produce about 25% of the electricity needed in the Baltics, according to the Estonian company Fermi Energia, which plans to develop this type of reactor in Estonia. The company plans to start generating electricity from the first small reactor unit by the end of 2031. According to the company’s … Read more

Private electricity consumption – Bad surprise after buying an electric car

– Bad surprise after buying an electric car If you want to charge your electric car at home, you should find out whether the home connection has enough capacity. Otherwise there is a risk of an expensive upgrade. Or a longer loading time. Published: 06/24/2022, 12:29 A strong power connection is not available everywhere. Or … Read more

Prime Minister Kishida’s “power saving point” is interesting, but the reason why the electricity bill is inevitable | Takahiro Suzuki who thought about it this week | Diamond Online

Photo:Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images Is it profitable to save electricity? Meaning of “substantially reducing” electricity bills The House of Councilors election has been announced, and the election contest is in full swing. Now, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is putting the most effort into the issue of price increases. Above all, it seems that he … Read more