Elementary school student killed by right-turning truck, beware of blind spot accident

◀ anchor ▶ An elementary school student riding a bicycle near an elementary school was hit and killed by a truck turning right. Accidents caused by truck blind spots are on the rise, so both drivers and pedestrians need to be careful. Correspondent Kim Kwang-yeon. ◀ Report ▶ A road in Chaeun-dong, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do. A … Read more

Elementary School Boy Murder in Sack Revealed, There’s Sperm in Victim’s Pubic

BANDUNG – In less than 24 hours, the Bandung Police and the Pacet Sector Police succeeded in uncovering the case of the murder of a girl in a sack. The perpetrator was arrested at a prayer room in Pacet District, Bandung Regency, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at 23.00 WIB. Ironically, the perpetrators of the murder … Read more

3 Tarakan Yehowa Witness Elementary School Students Do Not Go To Class, Principal Gives 2 Solutions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — State Elementary School 051 Tarakan, North Kalimantan, a school where three brothers and sisters missed three grades in a row allegedly due to religious differences, offered two solutions to this case. The principal of SD Negeri 051 Tarakan, FE Hasto Budi Santoso said the first solution he offered was for the … Read more

Testing in schools has revealed over three thousand cases. Most at elementary school

The second stage of testing was attended by 2,054 primary and 606 secondary and higher vocational schools in Prague and 31 districts. “We can already say that one of the causes of the spread of the disease in children and students is contacts in schools, which were detected in approximately 43 to 48 percent of … Read more

Teacher accused of showing horror films to the children of the Papa Giovanni XXXIII primary school in via Boccaccio in Nichelino

Horror films, forbidden to children under the age of 14, show children too lively to punish them: that’s when a teacher of the Papa Giovanni XXIII elementary school in via Boccaccio in Nichelino would have done. After a mother’s complaint-complaint, the carabinieri and the regional school office are dealing with the affair. The parents of … Read more

100,719 Elementary School Students in Depok Become Immunization Targets

HEALTHY : PJ Immunization of Sukmajaya Health Center, Risna is injecting a student accompanied by a teacher at SDN Sukmajaya 1. DAFFA/RADAR DEPOK RADARDEPOK.COM, DEPOK – During November to December 2021, the Depok City Health Office held the School Child Immunization Month (BIAS) activity. The target is 100,719 students who will be given immunizations. Head … Read more

The Sad Story Behind Viral Elementary School Boy Kicks His Grandmother to the Death

Pati – A 5th grader at Pati, Central Java is in the spotlight after the video kicks his grandmother viral on social media. Later, after the video went viral, the child is now said to be traumatized. The viral video was uploaded to the TikTok account @blokbojonegoro, and has been viewed 25.9 million times. The … Read more

Covid outbreak in Carpi: 10 Don Milani elementary school classes in isolation – Chronicle

Carpi (Modena), 24 October 2021 – After i carpet pads Everyone Don Milani elementary schools, with the fear that schools should remain closed, here is the ‘verdict’ of the epidemiological investigation carried out promptly by the Modena Local Health Authority on the close contacts of students who tested positive for Covid-19: they were 60 new … Read more

Covid outbreak Modena, elementary schools in Carpi closed – Chronicle

Carpi (Modena), 22 October 2021 – The almost covid in our province, not so much for the total number (here yesterday’s regional bulletin), as for the diffusion that in the last hours was found in one elementary school of Carpi, where face-to-face lessons have been suspended for the moment. The Ausl announced that “following the … Read more

Total 5 Elementary Schools Closed-47 People Affected by Corona

Solo – City Government (City Government) Solo announced the latest data on COVID-19 cases in a number of elementary schools (SD). A total of five schools were closed with a total of 47 people exposed to Corona. COVID-19 Solo Task Force Daily Chief Executive Officer, Ahyani, said the five schools were SD Kristen Manahan, SDN … Read more