This is what happened on the night of Queen Elizabeth’s death in the royal palace… a fight and a hot night

Press reports revealed the details of Queen Elizabeth’s last night before her death in the royal palace. Tonight witnessed a heated quarrel between Prince Harry and King Charles III, after his father decided to prevent his wife, Meghan Markle, from joining the rest of the family on the day the Queen’s death.The information confirmed that … Read more

Abla Kamel and Magda Zaki apologize for being honored at the Cairo Drama Festival

The Egyptian media, Bossi Shalaby, shared with the audience two pictures of the Egyptian actress Magda Zaki and the Egyptian actress Abla Kamel, wondering why they were absent from the Cairo Drama Festival, and why they were not honored, through her own account on the social networking site. Abla Kamel commented on the publication, writing: … Read more

Tulane Al-Bakry responds to her accusation of emotional inclinations for girls.. this evidence

Syrian actress Tulane Al-Bakri revealed that she is exposed to many rumors and accusations, as some have accused her of homosexuality and that she prefers girls to men. Tolin Al-Bakri broke her silence in a controversial meeting on the “Insan” program, and said that she is not a sexual pervert, as some accuse her, and … Read more

After the controversy of her appearance with Mohamed Salah.. Here is information about Sonia Gerges

After the pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the Egyptian footballer and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah accompanied by Miss Egypt Sonia Gerges, the followers wondered about the identity of this girl, and her name was trending. Born in Egypt, and living in Italy, Sonia moved to work in the UAE as a … Read more

She fled to Israel and killed all her family members.. Learn about the story of this Egyptian actress, a millionaire in the artistic community

Bahja Elmahdy, whose real name is Henriette Cohen, is an Egyptian comedian and one of the stars of Egyptian cinema in the 1930s.She was born in the city of Alexandria on the 11th of August 1911, belongs to the Jewish religion. Bahja loved art and acting since she was young, and tried to join the … Read more

Enas Al Degheidy asked for a “brothel” license, so she divorced her husband, who converted to Islam for her

Egyptian director​Einas AldaghediShe is the first Egyptian director to graduate from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1975. She has a strong and daring personality. In her films, she touched on sensitive social and legal issues, including the Egyptian Penal Code and the marriage of underage girls. The beginning was with the movie “Excuse me, … Read more

Snapshots and photos from Maguy Bou Ghosn’s birthday party in the presence of Nawal Al Zoghbi, Ward Al Khal, Bassem Mughniyeh, Hala Al Murr and others

The Lebanese actress celebratedMaguy Bou Ghosnand her husband the producerJamal SinanLast night, she celebrated her birthday in the presence of her friends from the artistic and media circles. Nicole Saafan celebrates Tariq Al-Arian’s birthday..and publishes these photos The happy occasion was attended by the artistNawal al-zughbyactressTakla ShamounAnd her husband, director Tony Faragallah, is an actressCarmen … Read more

In the photo – Angela Bishara draws attention with her beauty after she lost a lot of weight .. and the audience compares her to the game “Barbie”

PostedAngela Bishara​, the divorced Lebanese artistWael KfouryA new photo of her on her personal page on the social networking site from her eldest daughter Michelle’s birthday celebration. Angela appeared different from before, after she lost a lot of weight, and her hairstyle and soft makeup made her beautiful and natural features stand out more, prompting … Read more

Special art – Jessica Azar is pregnant with her first child from her husband, Muhammad Soufan, and these details are…

Information for the art website revealed that the Lebanese media…Jessica AzarWith her first child, from her husband, businessman Mohammed Soufan, she is in the fourth month of pregnancy. The sources added that Jessica will officially announce the news of her pregnancy on her personal page on the social networking site on her birthday next Tuesday, … Read more

Angie Khoury publishes her pictures in modest clothes only.. Is her association with Adham Nabulsi related?!

The Syrian actress was shockedAngie KhouryFollowers, due to the change of her private page on social networking sites significantly. After she intended to publish scandalous pictures of her and stir controversy with her nude looks, she turned to publishing pictures in modest clothes only, and a very new block.The audience expressed their astonishment at her … Read more