Yasmine Sabry in her first comment on the rumors of her separation from Ahmed Abu Hashima

After a silence that lasted for more than 10 days, the Egyptian actress decidedYasmine SabryReply to rumors of her separation from her husband, an Egyptian businessman​Ahmed Abu HashimaIndirectly, by posting a picture from a yacht showing a stunning view on her social media account, using the short stories feature. Yasmine Sabry commented on the photo … Read more

Mutassim Al-Nahar’s ex-wife takes his daughter away from him and takes her back to Syria for this reason – in the video

I decided to divorce the Syrian actorMoatasem An-Nahar​، ​Lynn Bringkji​, that they and their daughter Sandra stay away from Mutasim Al-Nahar for the time being, as they traveled to Syria, while he is still in Dubai. At this time, Lynn and Sandra are participating in preparing the tables of the Most Merciful for all the … Read more

The war rages between Sherine Reda and Ahlam.. accusations and surprising statements are exchanged

The Egyptian actress saidشيرين رضاOn the “Secret Ink” program, she does not know the Emirati artistdreamsShe does not know her songs, and she said: “No, I do not know her. . I don’t know her songs, nor have I ever heard them.”As for the reason for the Egyptian actress ignoring the Emirati artist, it goes … Read more

After his divorce, Mutasem Al-Nahar hugs a girl in the latest appearance and gives her his own perfume – with the picture

The Syrian actor’s keennessMoatasem An-NaharTo fulfill the desire of one of his fans and to surprise her in one of the television programs shown during the blessed month of Ramadan. Mutassim fulfilled Sarah’s wish, who wanted to see him, as she was shocked when he entered the studio, and the duo hugged each other, and … Read more

Daniela Rahma slaps Muhammad Al-Ahmad after filming stopped… What happened? -video

Share the Syrian actorMohammed Al AhmadA video clip from the scenes of filming the second part of the series “للموت​”, with the Lebanese actressDaniela RahmaThrough his personal account on the social networking site. The video showed the snapshot that came after Daniela was freed from the wheel, and how she did not stop hitting Muhammad … Read more

A picture of Abla Kamel at the table of the needy in the month of Ramadan, causing controversy and her ex-wife commenting

A picture of the Egyptian actress spreadAbla Kamel​She appeared at the tables of the Most Merciful in the blessed month of Ramadan, which are specially prepared for the needy in the month of Ramadan. This image caused controversy on social media, and many expressed their concern that Abla was in need of money.For his part, … Read more

Ayman Zeidan’s daughter enters the acting field with a joint dramatic work

The young woman revealedNura​ Daughter of a Syrian actorAyman ZidaneFor her presence during the Ramadan season in a joint drama titled “The Orchard of the East”, in her first television experience. Noura published, on her personal page, a picture of her work, in which she appeared in the clothes of a kitchen worker, and attached … Read more

Wholesale criticism of the first episode of Aziza’s choir and the audience is shocked

It formed the first episode of the popular Syrian series “dear choirA split in opinions among viewers, according to the comments of the pioneers of social networking sites. Despite the praise and praise for the work by some, others attacked the makers of the series because it contains bold scenes that are not appropriate to … Read more

Qusai Khouli and Madiha Al-Hamdani exchange flirtation and celebrate his birthday in a special way

Syrian actor Qusai celebrated his birthday, revealing to his followers his true age and stressing that the most beautiful thing on his birthday is his son’s greetings to him. Khouli published on his social networking page an audio clip of his son singing to him “Happy Eid”, attached to the post with a comment: “I … Read more

Special- Yasmine Sabry and Ahmed Abu Hashima divorce, and art reveals the reason

The Egyptian actress is officially divorcedYasmine SabryFrom an Egyptian businessmanAhmed Abu HashimaAfter a quarrel between them after an Arab star entered the husband’s life secretly, the sources of the “Art” website revealed that it was reported that Sabry had seized recordings and text messages on her husband’s phone confirming his relationship with the artist who … Read more