Meghan Markle and Harry would have recorded their attendance at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, to sell it?

Written in CELEBRITIES the 7/10/2022 · 08:53 hs The relationship between Royal family y Harry does not seem to improve, because after finishing the period of mourning after the death of queen elizabeth ii everything is tense and terrible again, since it was recently revealed that the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex will allegedly … Read more

5 Facts about Queen Margrethe, who was stripped of her granddaughter’s title, is still Queen Elizabeth’s cousin

Jakarta – Queen Margrethe II of Denmark made the shocking decision to strip her grandchildren of royal status. The 82-year-old royal leader removed their His or Her Highness titles from next year. The queen herself is the longest-reigning female monarch after Queen Elizabeth, who is still a cousin to her. Has been on the throne … Read more

18-year-old soldier dies a few days after joining Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession Abroad

Jack Burnell-Williams was one of the cavalrymen allowed to escort Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin on September 19 as it was carried by coach through Whitehall and the Mall after the funeral at Westminster Abbey. coroner Last Wednesday, the lifeless body of the 18-year-old soldier from Bridgend, Wales, was found in the Hyde Park Barracks in … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate reveals cause and timing of death

Yesterday, Thursday, the National Records of Scotland published the death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II, signed by her daughter Princess Anne. The Queen’s cause of death was announced to the public for the first time in the official document, as the cause of death can be included on the death certificates of people over 80 … Read more

‘They want to stop’: Harry and Meghan rewrite memoirs in horror after Elizabeth’s death

The intentions of Harry and Meghan to annoy the royal family evaporated after the death of Elizabeth II. The Dukes of Sussex have been working on a documentary series for the largest video platform for more than a year and were preparing to present it in December. However, after mourning for the deceased monarch, they … Read more

Queen Consort Camilla Abolishes Tradition Close to Elizabeth’s Heart: “The End of an Era” | Royalty

Until now, it has been a deeply rooted tradition that the Queen of the United Kingdom selects a few ladies-in-waiting. Elizabeth herself was very attached to the handful of women she chose, and stated several times that she couldn’t manage without them. Most of the women had been in her service for more than sixty … Read more

What did the specialist see at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

25.9. 6:00 No matter how hard a person tries, his face reveals his true emotions. It was also seen at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Although in Britain, tears at the last farewell are considered undesirable, even seemingly calm faces bear traces that reflect deep sadness or, on the contrary, a small inner experience … Read more

That’s why Joe Biden and Jill Biden sat far behind at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

On Monday 19 September, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth took place, and several royals and officials from around the world gathered to say a final farewell to the Queen. Was not allowed Afterwards, several people wondered why President Joe Biden (79) and First Lady Jill Biden (71) sat so far back during the ceremony, where … Read more

Prime Minister Kishida listened intently to Queen Elizabeth’s “national funeral” and jumped out to “emphasize the appearance of the national funeral!” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Prime Minister Kishida says he likes being on TV. On the 22nd local time, he gave a lecture at the New York Stock Exchange in the United States and rang the closing bell (Photo, AP/Aflo) “Prime Minister Kishida is currently visiting the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly, but at the beginning … Read more

What will become of Queen Elizabeth’s sumptuous jewelry…

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, leaving behind a colossal heritage and possessions. With the funeral over, Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward now talks about the legacy left by the monarch, including the sumptuous jewelry and outfits… According to her, it is the Princess of Wales who will receive the “major part” of the … Read more