The pierced nose did not stop Elk: he knocked out a German and defended the title of world champion

In the third round, 36-year-old M. Briedis knocked out 31-year-old rival Artur Mann from Germany and defended not only the title of world champion, but also the title of the winner of the world’s most influential boxing magazine “The Ring”. A. Mann, who challenged the champion, entered the ring in Riga with a piece of … Read more

A bus hit a moose on the Rezekne highway

On Sunday morning, a traffic accident occurred on the Rēzekne highway (A12) near Kūkai, in which the bus collided with a moose, informs VSIA “Latvijas valsts ceļi”. The accident occurred on the 16th kilometer of the Rezekne highway. As the agency LETA found out in the State Police, the accident happened around 6.30 am. According … Read more