Cinema: Gad Elmaleh, between comedy and testimony of faith

Residing for several years in America, Gad Elmaleh returns to Paris to – he says – visit his relatives. In truth, the comedian, fascinated by the Virgin Mary since his childhood in Casablanca, intends to ask for baptism and secretly prepares his conversion to Catholicism, to the great despair of his parents and his sister … Read more

not all Jews follow Gad Elmaleh on his spiritual path

In the media enthusiasm that accompanies the release of the film Stay a bit, where Gad Elmaleh stages his attraction to Catholicism, voices have not been heard: those of the French-speaking Jewish community. The latter, estimated at 500,000 people in France and some 300,000 in Israel, is very composite, even if the Sephardic population, traditionalist … Read more

Gad Elmaleh invited to the Marrakech International Film Festival

Participating in the official competition of the 19th FIFM, “Authobiography”, the first feature film by director Makbul Mubarak is inspired by his relationship with his family and his country. Indonesian director Makbul Mubarak presented his film “Authobiography” as part of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM) 2022. With a macabre atmosphere, Makbul illustrates different images … Read more

From Marrakech, Gad Elmaleh reacts to the controversy surrounding his film “Rest a little”

Video By Qods Chabaa and Adil Gadrouz on 11/19/2022 at 10:38 am “Rest a little”, the autobiographical feature film by Gad Elmaleh, has been in theaters since November 16, 2022. Even before its release, this film sparked controversy, particularly around Gad Elmaleh’s alleged conversion to Christianity. Present at the Marrakech International Film Festival, the Moroccan … Read more

Gad Elmaleh wants to live his faith in broad daylight

People and royalty Without embarrassment and taboo, the actor confided in his faith. Gad Elmaleh is back at the cinema with his autobiographical film, “Reste un peu”. In this feature film, the comedian and actor returns in particular to his conversion to Catholicism. Although he was born into a Jewish family in Morocco, he later … Read more

With “Rest a little”, Gad Elmaleh in full religious introspection

Thirteen years after the exuberant “Coco”, Gad Elmaleh signs with “Reste un peu” an unexpected second film on his journey as a Sephardic Jew towards Catholicism, after a revelation for the Virgin Mary when he was a child. “A friend told me that I would have surprised her less if I had done a + … Read more

Gad Elmaleh guest of France Bleu Alsace for “Reste un peu” in preview at UGC Strasbourg

Stay a bit screened this Thursday, October 20, 2022 in preview: Synopsis Gad Elmaleh, established in the United States for three years, returned to France without daring to admit to his family that he did so to convert to Catholicism. When Gad’s parents, David and Régine, hear the news, it’s a nightmare. Determined to bring … Read more

Comedian Gad Elmaleh reportedly reveals his alcohol addiction nearly cost him his life

Gad Elmaleh, a French humorist known throughout the world, has managed to rebuild himself in the face of a terrible and silent addiction since August 21, 2021.The comedian would have almost lost his life because of this insidious disease which generally affects you without your knowledge. An addictive disease linked to alcohol Gad Elmaleh’s honest … Read more