merciless confrontation. Minister and Count, embarrassment M5s – Libero Quotidiano

There are 255,245 families in Campania who received the Citizenship Income in May 2021. This is what emerges from the INPS tables, according to which in the region governed by Vincenzo De Luca alone there are more recipients of the grillino subsidy than in all of Northern Italy, where they stop at 244,113 families. In … Read more

Schalke 04 – Uerdingen in the live ticker: embarrassment perfect!

It is happening in rapid succession at FC Schalke 04. After the bitter defeat at the weekend against Verl, they stood with on Tuesday Schalke 04 against KFC Uerdingen the next test for the blue and white is already on. The met in the park stadium at home FC Schalke 04 on KFC Uerdingen. Instead … Read more

At “Io e Te” moments of great embarrassment, Katia Ricciarelli “I’m going to another broadcast” – Baritalia News

This year the afternoon program “Me and you” by Pierluigi Diaco she has gone through sometimes difficult, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes delicate moments. Pierluigi Diaco he paid the price because he was always direct in every situation and, therefore, sometimes uncomfortable. The world of the web did not spare him, he attacked him so much that … Read more