The price of emission allowances broke the record

Emission allowances have been rising in price for several weeks in a row. At the beginning of February, the price climbed above the 90 euro mark and was slowly approaching the record values ​​from August 2022, when the price reached 98 euros. This record has now been broken, as the price of the main futures … Read more

Emission allowances are the most expensive in history. They broke through the 100 euro mark

The price of emission allowances in the European Union rose to 100 euros (roughly 2400 CZK) per ton for the first time in history. This was reported by the Reuters agency. The demand for allowances in recent days has been supported, among other things, by the prospect of lower production from wind farms. The European … Read more

London hardens. The low-emission zone will cover the entire city

Great Britain continues to implement its plans on the road to carbon neutrality, and its capital, London, is a clear example of this approach. The management of the metropolis decided to move the recently expanded emission zone in the city center to other parts of the city. The only exception is the M25 motorway, which … Read more